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Iraq buys Israeli equipment to observe border with Syria

08/12/2009 – 23:27:24

Iraq’s Interior Ministry has bought from the US modern Israeli-made equipment worth $ 49million for observing part of borders with Syria and Iran.

According to the US army’s statement issued yesterday, the equipment includes towers with cameras and system for transmitting information.

In this context, the Israeli Yedioth Ahranoth reported the transaction between Iraq and the US provides for buying equipment made in Israel.

It added that the equipment are of high quality in technical field as Israel planted several equipmet on the Lebanese borders and Gaza borders.

“The US-Iraqi transaction is part of the US-Israeli military  cooperation which is of benefit to Israel as its weapons are exported abroad”, the paper added.

Under the US-Israeli military cooperation, the US has to help Israel promote its products in the countries with which Israel has no relations, especially the Arab countries.

Yedioth Ahranoth alleged that Kuwaiti, Bahraini and Omani armies are using Israeli “Gore” guns on which US flag is printed.

The US army claims that Iran backs gunmen who are attacking its forces, while the Iraqi government accuses Syria of providing shelter for leaders behinds Baghdad- bombs.

Damascus has asked the US to provide it with sophisticated systems to control borders with Iraq, but Washington rejected the demand because it fears that the systems would reach the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance.

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  1. Shame on some Arab Governments because they are a disgrace to humanity and to Islam.

    Comment by B. Benhamid | December 9, 2009

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