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  1. Bravo!
    take a look at this article
    a few months ago, a documentary was available ogn Google videos which depicied Canada had a hand in helping America in the self inflicted 911 attacks. Disappeared!
    what was interesting was 2 Quebec Brothers were filming the towers and just happened to have their camera’s pointing at the spots the planes hit. Another was the NORAD put down and the other was shocking–the security, Clean-up crew of the whole WTC grounds– a Quebec company–worse they were all ready and waiting at the broader on Sept 12/2001 Smells :^/

    Comment by Pis Israel | December 19, 2009

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  3. Mark Twain famously said,(and I paraphrase)”When a lie has traveled halfway around the world, truth is puting on its shoes.” Truth has finally begun its journey from the 9/11 starting line. Awareness that it has to catch up to a lie will propel it at greater speed toward the finish line. Truth will run its course and it will win, BUT, How much damage will a lie have done when it finally loses?

    Comment by Trinidad Martinez | December 20, 2009

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