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UN threatens sanctions on Israel

By Spero News | December 25, 2009

Just days before the first anniversary of the Israeli Cast Lead military operation which cost the lives of 1,400 Palestinians, Richard Falk, the UN Special Rapporteur for the Occupied Palestinian Territories, has urged the Western powers to insist that Israel immediately end its blockade of the Gaza Strip, threatening to enforce economic sanctions.

Falk also urged that the Goldstone Report’s recommendations, which suggest that Israel and Hamas have perpetrated war crimes possibly amounting to crimes against humanity, be fully and swiftly implemented. Falk said that “people having common sense, anywhere in the world, should become conscious of the dramatic situation in Gaza, where the suffering of over 1.5 million people, half of them children, has carried on without any formal objection from governments and the UN”.

In the UN annual report, published last month, UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has asked Israel to end the embargo on Gaza and to cease demolitions of Palestinian homes. “In particular, the Israeli government should allow access for humanitarian (and non-humantarian) aid in Gaza, such as to allow the rebuilding of housing and infrastructure that were destroyed,” said the Secretary General.

“So far there are is no tangible evidence of a coordinated diplomatic process to end the blockade and ensure that Israeli officials, who have been suspected of perpetrating war crimes be brought to justice” said Falk, adding that “this constitutes a tragic failure of the international community and the UN”.

The Goldstone report usrged the creation of inquiry commissions to determine whether or not war crimes had been committed during the 22-day long Cast Lead offensive in Gaza in 2008, which had already been under a three year long embargo.

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  1. Yes indeed.Put SANCTIONS ON THEM……………….


    Comment by DDS | December 26, 2009

  2. Indeed — Israel is long overdue for sanctions — let’s just see if the UN has the balls to do it.


    Comment by bobbyjack | December 26, 2009

  3. Sanctions against Israel … that will be the day when the Rothschilds/Zionism ( the creators and original payees of Israel ) will focus the world’s naive revange against the non semitic Jews ( most of Israel today ) , the Ashkezani type from now Georgia who soiled the reputation of the original semitic Jews ( who lived in fair peace for centuries with the local majority , the Palestinians – their semitic blood-brothers and sisters , no wonder the true semitic Rabbi of New York ++ scream against Zionism , see the Net ).
    This is an example of the pure Art of War computer refined over decades and centuries : ( controling the Media ) give the public a target , help eliminating it while in the process the world unites behind you ( the world leader/s ) .
    Counter Measures / Solution :


    Comment by Doru | December 26, 2009

  4. Post comment : I don;t want to appear that I oversimplify the Isreal creation ( the ‘wisenes ‘ of Zionists knowing that one can not steal land without perpetual war , unless the ocuppied is wiped out and their friends too ) .
    But what I am pointing at is the Rothschild’s now ability to control directly nuclear weapons behind the curtain via Israel , the ultimate sacrificial lamb signaling the arrival of the World Supreme Governement ( David de la Rothschild will be the Youth coordinator just as in Nazi Germany ) .
    I hope that genetics will one day display at Smithonian’s the neural patterns of Greed/Selfishness/Agression and total luck of emphaty as extracted from the Rothschilds genome . The least they can do for humanity …


    Comment by Doru | December 26, 2009

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  6. situation of gaza dramatic not coz of israel-local goverment does not care about its citizens and just use the situation as idiological weapon against israel


    Comment by ilona@israel | December 27, 2009

  7. Sanctions simply aren’t enough any longer, action must be taken, not only to condemn this inhuman, evil entity calling itself Israel.

    To constantly raise the specter of Nazi Europe to justify their Apartheid, only to employ Nazi tactics, methods and propaganda, Goebels would be proud of the Israel of today.

    Piracy, kidnapping and murder can’t be made right by sanctions, action is the only recourse. Immediately return the stolen land to the people who rightfully have owned and worked the land for thousands of years, the Palestinians.

    Perhaps then, Israel will learn a thing or two about humanity while living under a Palestinian government.

    -Goebels would be so proud of Israel.


    Comment by Johnny | June 5, 2010

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