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Gaza govt: Settler attackers may not be Palestinian

Ma’an – 13/03/2011

GAZA CITY — Palestinians may not be responsible for killing a family of five Israelis in Itamar settlement overnight Friday, the Gaza government said Sunday.

Israeli authorities immediately blamed Palestinians for the attack, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Palestinian Authority of “daily incitement” against Israel in his response to the killings.

However, Gaza government spokesman Taher An-Nunu said the Israeli government should not rule out the possibility that the attack was perpetrated by Israeli criminals.

Hamas has denied any involvement in the attack.

A shadowy faction calling itself the “Imad Mughniyya Group” claimed responsibility for the attack but Israeli authorities have dismissed the group’s claims in the past. It has claimed responsibility for other operations in the past that may have been the work of others.

So far, no other faction has claimed involvement.

An-Nunu warned Israel against using the killings to justify an escalation in violence against the Gaza Strip.

He said that relocating Israel’s domestic crises toward incitement against Palestinians was “unacceptable political blackmail.”

Within 24 hours of the attack, Israeli ministers met and decided to approve a huge expansion in Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank.

Settlers have launched a series of attacks on Palestinians across the West Bank, storming villages, harassing residents in their homes, smashing shops and throwing rocks at Palestinian cars.

The international community recognizes that building Jewish-only housing on occupied Palestinian land is illegal according to international law and the Geneva Convention, and has repeatedly called on Israel to halt construction.

Israel’s refusal led to the collapse of the last round of negotiations in September.

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  1. A typical false flag operation committed by some pathetic psychopathic Zionist thugs in order to add more fuel to an already existing fire.
    Such acts of violence is counterproductive and wouldn’t benefit the Palestinian people at all. These type of tactics have been used by the Stern and Hagana gang when they cleansed the Palestinian villages from its indigenous population back in 1948.

    Comment by B.Benhamid | March 13, 2011

  2. “Settlers have launched a series of attacks on Palestinians across the West Bank, storming villages, harassing residents in their homes, smashing shops and throwing rocks at Palestinian cars.”

    This sounds to me like a repetition of the kristall-nacht by the scumbags that belonged to the nazi in 1939…… when hundreds of thousands of windows were smashed by followers of the brownshirts of the nazis…..
    Seems to me also that the Israelis have learned a lot form their former enemies in Germany, they at least practice the same atrocities that the nazi-germans performed in occupied territories!
    In my opinion the condemnations by the international community have no effect, as long as these condemnations are accompanied by further, and more stringent actions by the international community!
    Israel must be condemned by the United Nations, and when the USA as so-called protector of the Israeli scum prevents such condemnations, I think that the People of the World Community must act…… by not buying any products from Israel (regardless if they are produced in occupied territory or not!), by refusing to visit Israel for art exhibitions, accept trade agreements with Israel, by not accepting that concerts are given by western well-known orchestras in Israel, to end friendships with organizations that do businesses with Israel, by staging protest marches at Israeli Embassies, by bombarding their parliaments with emails and other signs of discontent with the Israeli actions, by calling in newspapers for actions against Israel in letters to the editors, by commenting publicly on articles that promote Israel etc. etc.
    We must no longer accept that a state that claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East to act as if it is the only Dictatorship left in the region!
    By accepting the situation of Israel robbing people from their land, killing people were they can without any repercussion, humiliating people at crossroads, starve a whole people without any reaction from the world, we accept the responsibility for all these atrocities!
    By accepting that Israel ignores the rules of International Law but calls for it when something happens, by accepting that Israel refuses to adhere to rulings of international courts, we the People of the World are supporting the unlawful actions by Israel!


    Comment by Adrian Masters | March 13, 2011

  3. Now the truth of the ‘murders’ is out.. didn’t take long.

    ‘Seems to me also that the Israelis have learned a lot from their former enemies in Germany’……These ‘israelis’ aka ‘jews’ were nazis also.. former members of the Reich.. hitler was also a so called ‘jew’.. remember brave Helen Thomas who lost her prestigious ‘chair’ because she loves the truth more than a lie.. there weren’t any so called jews or an ‘is ra hell'[each section represents mythological ‘gods’….isa, ray, el,} before ‘they’ invented it in 1947… just like the rest of the garbage they ‘feed’ us… ALL lies… ALL of it. ALL.

    Comment by Joyce | March 13, 2011

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