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Stoking the fires of fear and hatred

American Zionist fear monger David Harris campaigns for Iran’s destruction

By Paul J. Balles
26 December 2009

Never let it be said that Zionists can’t run an effective propaganda campaign. They’re at it again, giving all to stimulate fear with clever patterns of deception.

David Harris is spreading his fear-mongering widely. For European audiences, his propaganda is targeting Germany through Der Tagesspiegel and Italy through LOpinione.

His article on “Iran policy: what price failure” also spreads the message of fear through the Huffington Post to Americans.

To begin his fear stimulus, Harris writes, “Among today’s many foreign policy challenges, Iran’s nuclear programme may be the most daunting.” What better way to stoke fear than call the object of your attack “daunting”?

His next fear-prodding statement reads, “An Iran capable of producing – and delivering – nuclear weapons would have major global consequences.”

An American voice for Israel, Harris tries to drum up global fear of Iran, a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, while Harris knows full well that Israel has over 200 nuclear warheads and Iran has none.

Harris ignores the fact that Israel has been in attack-mode since its beginnings – ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, invasion and sponsorship of Sabre and Shatilla murders in Lebanon’s refugee camps, slaughter in Gaza, military theft of the Golan Heights from Syria.

On the other hand, Iran’s military history has involved only defence. Harris chooses to ignore this damning fact. Actually, Harris, Director of the American Jewish Committee, started pumping fear of Iran into the heads of his readers some time ago.

Carrying on, Harris claims: “Iran would wield enormous power in the most strategically vital and energy-rich part of the world. And its influence could extend far beyond, including in Latin America, where it has established close ties with Bolivia, Ecuador Nicaragua and Venezuela.”

To strike more fear in the hearts and minds of the Middle East, Harris adds, “Already, some neighbouring states may be exploring their own nuclear options.” It’s amazing how a major Zionist voice in America can churn up fear-producing packages.

“Would Iran share its nuclear and missile technology with others? Very likely. North Korea and Pakistan certainly did.” If you’re not afraid of what Iran might do on its own with nuclear power, just direct your fear to how it might share its nuclear secrets.

Trying to debunk the truth, Harris asks, “Does Iran only want civilian nuclear energy to prepare for a decline in its vast oil and gas reserves?” His response: “Nonsense.”

Then he plays with this: “Intelligence from a variety of countries confirms that Iran’s nuclear programme reflects a clear desire to achieve, at the very least, breakout capacity, allowing it to weaponize in short order.”

The countries aren’t named, but they certainly include Israel. From this line of fear mongering, there’s no way that Iran could be trusted with any nuclear development.

What better way to stoke fear than this claim of uncertainty: “We cannot be certain that the current Iranian regime will act rationally.” One might aver the same uncertainty about Israel, but that’s verboten.

One of the most telling statements by Harris is this: “…countries derive power from merely possessing nuclear weapons, regardless of their possible use.” That could easily refer to Israel, with its cache of nuclear weapons at Dimona.

Harris’s solution is typical of a fear-monger’s: destroy Iran economically, politically and militarily, but make the prescription sound pleasant while referring to a “UN-defying, human-rights-abusing, Holocaust-denying, vote-rigging president?”

Americans, bought and sold by Israeli lobbyists like Harris, will, of course, buy the propaganda and respond to their Harris-made fears.

It’s time to expose the post-9/11 model for fear mongering before propagandists like Harris use it to bring destruction to another country and its people.

Paul J. Balles is a retired American university professor and freelance writer who has lived in the Middle East for many years.

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