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Germans lose faith in political system

Press TV – December 28, 2009 13:44:47 GMT

A poll shows that the German public now has less faith in their political system than at any other time since World War II, mainly due to the financial crisis.

The survey conducted by Bertelsmann Foundation found on Sunday that about 70 percent of those questioned did not feel that they could count on their political and business leaders, or the education system and the social welfare network.

Nearly fifty percent of respondents said they have reservations about representative democracy as a political system.

“Even the social market economy is far from being seen as positively as it once was,” opinion researcher Peter Kruse said of Germany’s system of free markets with a strong social safety net.

The loss of faith is believed to be mainly due to what Germans see as their government’s inadequate attempt to revive the slumping economy.

The poll also shows that the EUR 8.5 billion (USD12.2 billion) tax relief package passed by parliament this month has unsettled Germans at a time of record public debt.

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  1. I’ll bet they are pissed off about more reparations to the Zionist entity.. and believe that their government is loaded up with Israeli centric politicians.

    Germans face the same type of shitty compromised politicians as America does.


    Comment by poorrichard | December 28, 2009

  2. The German people have been through such misery and hardship that you cannot be surprised at their disgust with the government of the moment….for none of the governments have really done much for their own people. Whatever good has come, has come from the people themselves. The German government is too busy taxing the people to pay off the blackmail foisted on her from those who want to keep Germany down. So what’s new?


    Comment by Edelweiss | December 28, 2009

  3. Sure I lost my hope and faith not just German government but the entire western governments in whole. Do you remember when Salmon Rushdie wrote a book? He got protection.
    When Ernest Zundel was trying to write a book he was kicked by USA with his green card. From Canada with his 20years of Citizenship and finally end up in solitary confinement in Germany.



    Comment by Colman | December 28, 2009

  4. Zionist Israel has all of the politicians in their pocket and slowly strangle one country after the other.
    This cancer was planted deep in the Heart of Palestine and will grow and grow unless some few free countries whom are left on this planet are going to do something about it and bring real change to the oppressed.
    America is lost unless there is an uprising or a civil war to take this country back and restore real freedom but we all have to wake up and fast. Take a good look at the Palestinians they fight with sticks and stones against this ugly monster and one day they will have victory.


    Comment by B.Benhamid | December 28, 2009

  5. Lots of reasons listed, but not one touching on the compromise of the German government, and the fact that no matter where you live, what your heritage, people generally do not like being under the boot of a group of people who choose to remain unseen, yet politically active.

    Germany has paid the price, no matter who wants to claim otherwise. Take your government back… it is yours, the German people’s government. You can say No to the unending demands placed upon your society. No one (well one small, vocal group of people will continue to badger you but they will eventually give up when you keep saying no) will hold it against you for choosing liberty and freedom from the shakedown crew.


    Comment by American | December 28, 2009

  6. Germany knows the enemy well. They, the enemy, have over extended their reach. One small, or a group of small nations, will rise up and resist the Internationals and unite the planet against this sadistic cruel syndicate called Zionism.

    We will put an end to this parasite, and its illness, once and for all.

    Tick, tick, tick…


    Comment by Don | December 29, 2009

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