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Everything Biden touches turns to ash

By Donald Forbes | TCW Defending Freedom | November 30, 2021

FORTUNE has turned against US Democrats, eroding the tyranny of progressives, the ideological minority who control the Biden administration and swathes of the country’s key institutions such as education, justice and corporate management.

Polls say Americans are changing their minds in droves about cashiering President Trump. A CBS/YouGov poll found a 46 per cent approval rating for Biden. None has him above 50 per cent and some put him below 40. It’s mainly Trump’s base who want him back but many are telling pollsters they want a return to his policies which reinvigorated the economy, kept immigration under control and projected an America-first foreign policy.

The very success of progressives – estimated at a mere 8 per cent of the electorate – in capturing so much of the private as well as the public sector has seeded a growing reaction against their excesses and arrogance.

Firstly there is disillusion with Biden. His ten months in office has been the opposite of his promised return to normality after the turbulence of the Trump years. He has even allowed anonymous White House advisers to trash his own vice president in an effort to force her out and appoint someone who can carry the floundering Biden till 2024. The move is unprecedented in modern times and no one knows what effect the humiliation of Kamala Harris would have on the powerful feminist movement which is normally pro-Democrat.

Secondly, parents across America are in open revolt against the education system, the long closure of schools during Covid by the teachers’ unions, who finance Democrats, and the secretive teaching of white self-loathing to their children.

Thirdly, there is anger over crime with murder rates and other violent offences rising fast through a combination of lax progressive prosecutors and the collapse in police manpower as a result of the defunding of police departments. Voters, when they get the chance, veto defunding.

Fourth is a mass withdrawal of belief in what the biased corporate media tell Americans. They spent four years smearing Donald Trump as a Kremlin stooge on the basis of a dossier they knew to be untrue, and now valiantly protect Biden, hiding his failures by refusing to write about them where possible.

Leading journalists, liberals as well as conservatives, who reject the hegemony of progressives in the MSM have been fired or have quit to join influential blogging sites such as Substack, where they have found an audience hungry for honest analysis and reporting.

The attack on Vice President Harris is as much an indictment of Biden as of her own ineptitude. He picked her as a ‘co-president’ in a Biden-Harris administration. Now he wants rid of her after less than a year in office.

Even if it works, her successor will have a Sisyphean task  restoring the credibility of an unpopular administration which has the reverse of the Midas touch: everything Biden touches turns to ash.

A majority of Americans oppose Biden’s opening of the southern border to all-comers and are fearful of the return of inflation running at an annual 6 per cent and rising, which they blame on the Democrats’ spending spree.

Pump prices in the US are low by European standards but cars and trucks guzzle fuel in quantities which equalise driving costs. Voters are blaming Biden’s rush to green the economy for its overall woes which include a supply chain disrupted by the long Covid lockdown.

Biden’s catastrophic flight from Afghanistan embarrassed Americans. But signs of the turn against progressivism really became obvious at the governorship election in pro-Democratic Virginia. Parents attacked school boards for teaching children they were white supremacists. Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate, responded: ‘I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they teach.’

Around that single sentence coalesced all the pent-up outrage of Americans against years of being told they needed to atone for their whiteness and guilt over long-dead slavery and to check their privilege. McAuliffe lost.

Progressive racial hysteria suffered another setback when a jury acquitted teenager Kyle Rittenhouse of murdering two white Antifa anarchists whom he shot during a riot in a Wisconsin town. The riot followed the police shooting of a black man which in progressive eyes justified violent protest. Some news outlets even reported that the men Rittenhouse killed were black. Biden himself called the boy a white supremacist. The silent majority saw a self-defence case which they said should never have been brought to court and acquittal as vindication of the traditional justice system.

Democrats won a victory in California when governor Gavin Newsom defeated a recall vote, but otherwise the history of 2021 has been one of constant setbacks for progressives and the leaden Biden administration.

Progressives are still powerful. But their waning influence was demonstrated when Democratic senators refused to vote for a Soviet-educated bank regulator who said the government should control all financial exchange and the bank account of every American as well. Finally, too much is too much.

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  1. Lyndon B Johnson, Gerald Ford, “Tricky Dicky” Nixon, Ronald Reagan, GHW Bush, G ‘DUBYA’ Bush, D Trump, J Biden. A very motley crew of Presidents in that lineup, representing “The Most Powerful Nation on Earth”?

    LBJ. Failed to defend an American Navy ship whilst under attack in the Mediterranean sea, by (America’s Great friend ISRAEL. Got the USA Bogged down in Vietnam

    ‘Dumb’ Jerry Ford. “Couldn’t fart and chew gum at the same time”, couldn’t win the “American War” in Vietnam.

    “Richard Nixon”……. Kicked out of the White house, America, kicked out of Vietnam.

    Ronald Reagan. Told the American government to “Get out of the Way” and let big business run everything……How is that working out?

    GHW BUSH…..”If the American people found out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and Lynch us”

    “Dubya Bush”…….An embarrassment to the USA, around the World. Didn’t react at all, when America was Attacked, on “9/11”

    D Trump……So embarrassed by his Tax Returns, he cannot show them to the American people.

    Joe Biden. Clearly, losing his capacity to operate a Hot Dog stand, let alone the Presidency……

    And meanwhile, during ALL that, “WHO” was actually running the USA?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by brianharryaustralia | November 29, 2021 | Reply

  2. “The attack on Vice President Harris is as much an indictment of Biden as of her own ineptitude. He picked her as a ‘co-president’ in a Biden-Harris administration. Now he wants rid of her after less than a year in office.”

    We should not forget that Donald Trump sent Nikky Haley to the United Nations. He also surrounded himself with the architects of the policies that he purportedly wanted to end. His son in law is in bed with Benjamin Netanyahu and his even more zealous followers that are behind the brutality against Palestinians that we read about every day on this website. But the American grievances that he had addressed were indeed very real and made him look just as real as a result. He talked about section 203, and there it stayed. Really a man like us, for us and with us. Someone who sends his supporters to the trap called 1-6 and betrays them at the first opportunity but who is still defended by the very same people who still don’t have a single clue. Someone who blames it all on China and lets the pharmaceutical industry have its way. Someone who never lifted a finger for Julian Assange.

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by Balthasar Gerards | November 30, 2021 | Reply

  3. Hey credit where credit is jew. For a dead man squawking the cadaver in chief has at least half of the livestock fooled. Not bad for a corpse and when the time comes and come it will when the Pentacon mob need a pantsuited Harpie out front then no doubt Creepy Joe’s Kamel will also “get the job done.”

    Onward to complete and final destruction…

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by planetsheeple | December 1, 2021 | Reply

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