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Public Health System Has Failed Americans Miserably

Time to save lives, not control them

By Joel S Hirschhorn | December 12, 2021

When a pandemic hits, the facts reveal whether our public health system works. As we approach 800,000 COVD related deaths there is only one conclusion: The public health establishment of government agencies, hospitals and academic departments have failed. What a disgrace that so many have died; because nearly all could have been prevented.  Mistakes, corruption and stubbornness have turned a treatable and not very deadly virus for nearly all people into a mass killing. Time to save lives, not control them.

Consider some famous mass killing events. The attack on Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attacks each killed 3,000. The Oklahoma City Bombing less than 200. COVID deaths are an historic massacre not by bombs, bullets or explosions, but by medical incompetence never seen before.  With nearly 800,000 dead in the US and over 5 million globally we see a historic genocide by governments mismanaging the pandemic.

Here are the main ways that lives could have been saved.

Cheap, safe and widely used generic medicines, principally ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, found effective against COVID in early 2020, should have been promoted by all government public health agencies.  Some bold physicians use them today. In California, Dr. George Fareed and partner Dr, Brian Tyson have treated over 7,000 COVID patients with such medicines; none have died (and half have been vaccinated). Similarly for Dr. V. Zelenko in New York with over 6,000 patients. Cases have shown ivermectin saving lives in very ill hospitalized patients.

Years of medical research data have proven unequivocally that vitamin D is an effective treatment and prophylactic for COVID. Recent German research found the necessary blood level is 50 ng/mL. Many Americans are deficient, with the Cleveland Clinic saying 42%, but that was before the higher needed level was determined.  Vitamin D supplementation and blood testing for it could have been rigorously promoted.

From the beginning, CDC data showed that a very high fraction of very ill COVID patients were obese. About 30% of hospitalized COVID patients, many of whom died, were obese.  Recent medical research has determined exactly how fat cells combine with the COVID virus to produce disease and illness. Yet the public health system never used a major campaign to fight obesity as a practical means of curbing COVID disease and death.

Recent analyses have shown quick home antigen test kits could have been widely and frequently used by Americans to determine whether they had COVID and needed medical assistance. But they had to be free or very cheap, as done by a number of European nations. Our government bungled this approach. Home test kits remain both scarce and expensive. Deaths result as many people let their symptoms get so bad that they need hospital care. But hospitals do not use proven generics; their approved protocols share responsibility for the 800,000-death figure.

Add in refusal to fully recognize the proven effectiveness of natural immunity acquired through prior COVID infection. Dr. Paul Alexander has concluded that about two-thirds of Americans have natural immunity. Many studies have shown that this immunity lasts longer and is even more effective against variants than vaccine immunity. Being vaccinated when there is natural immunity can wreck immune systems and cause long term health problems.

The final nail in the coffin to explain the failure of the public health system is its stubborn commitment to using experimental “vaccines” to fight COVID. Set aside the fact that CDC changed the definition of vaccine to legitimize these genetic therapies. They themselves have resulted in at least 150,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands harmful health impacts. That 800,000 figure, includes more deaths in 2021 when these “vaccines” have been widely used than in 2020 without their use. Vaccinated people keep getting breakthrough infections, with some dying. Booster shots are not the answer. Paul Alexander has explained how mass vaccination produces new variants and some like Delta are very bad.

The “follow the money” wisdom explains the collusion between government, mainstream media and drug companies to force mass (and highly profitable) vaccination through mandates and other means. This requires suppression of the generic medicines, inattention to vitamin D and obesity, and not allowing natural immunity as an alternative to vaccination.

Especially tragic is that nearly all US physicians have obeyed the dictates of the public health system, not science. They either have not done their own research or ignored extensive medical research that challenges what the public health system does. They have failed their Hippocratic oath. They should have been free to use personalized medicine – make the medicine fit the person approach, and use alternative options, besides vaccines, to save lives, not control them.

And the one physician that merits special outrage, unsurprisingly, is Dr. Anthony Fauci, the power behind the entire public health system. History will eventually cast a dark shadow on him.  Meanwhile, Americans and people globally keep dying unnecessarily. There are street riots all over Europe because of pandemic insanity. We need a rebellion in the US to say “NO” to what our public health system is doing. Watch that 800,000 death figure keep increasing; without profound reforms it will reach one million. Reject what public health officials and their political bosses keep doing what has not worked for nearly two years.

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  1. “Similarly for Dr. V. Zelenko in New York with over 6,000 patients. Cases have shown ivermectin saving lives in very ill hospitalized patients”.

    And here in Australia, our Government has specifically BANNED doctors for prescribing Ivermectin for people wanting treatment for, or protection from Covid 19.
    It is absolutely outrageous………

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by brianharryaustralia | December 12, 2021 | Reply

  2. Noted. It’s a dysfunctional world out there and here, no matter the realm or sector. Greed, bureaucracy, special interests, old white men, folly rule the global landscape. Monday-morning quarterbacking is useless, all useless. Time — past time — to start over….

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by roberthstiver | December 12, 2021 | Reply

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