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British Medical Journal criticizes Facebook over “inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible” “fact-check” used to censor

The article covered “data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial” and is being censored on Facebook

By Christina Maas | Reclaim The Net | December 17, 2021

The editor of The British Medical Journal (BMJ), one of the world’s oldest and most respected medical journals, has written a letter to Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg to bring to his attention an “incorrect” fact-check on one of its reports.

The report was titled: “Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial.”

A former employee at Ventavia, a research company that helped with the trials of the Pfizer Covid vaccine, provided The BMJ with dozens of internal documents, photos, email, and recordings, that revealed “a host of poor clinical trial research practices occurring at Ventavia that could impact data integrity and patient safety,” according to the letter.

“We also discovered that, despite receiving a direct complaint about these problems over a year ago, the FDA did not inspect Ventavia’s trial sites,” the letter, written by BMJ editor Fiona Godlee, further claims.

The BMJ hired an investigative reporter to write the story, which was published on November 2. The article had been peer reviewed, legally reviewed, and subjected to The BMJ’s high editorial standards.

However, starting November 10, Facebook users started reporting problems when trying to share the article. Some said they were unable to share, others said their posts were flagged with a warning saying, “Missing context… Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people.” Others were warned about the consequences of repeatedly sharing “false information.”

The BMJ’s article was fact-checked by Lead Stories, a Facebook contractor. The BMJ described the fact-check performed by Lead Stories as “inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible.”

The letter adds:

  • It fails to provide any assertions of fact that The BMJ article got wrong.
  • It has a nonsensical title: “Fact Check: The British Medical Journal Did NOT Reveal Disqualifying And Ignored Reports Of Flaws In Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trials.”
  • The first paragraph inaccurately labels The BMJ a “news blog.”
  • It contains a screenshot of the article with a stamp over it stating “Flaws Reviewed,” despite the Lead Stories article not identifying anything false or untrue in The BMJ article.
  • It published the story on its website under a URL that contains the phrase “hoax-alert.”
  • The BMJ contacted Lead Stories about the issue, but they allegedly refused to change their fact-check.
  • The medical journal also contacted Facebook directly about removing the fact-check.

The editors also noted that this was not the first time a credible article by an authoritative source of medical information has been censored by Meta. Instagram censored an article by Cochrane, which provides high quality reviews of medical evidence.

The letter concluded by urging Zuckerberg to “act swiftly” to correct the error relating to The BMJ’s article and to review the processes that led to the error.

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In Vitro Fertilization clinics began having serious problems right after the vaccines were rolled out

By Steve Kirsch | December 17, 2021

I just got off the phone with a woman who works at a large IVF clinic. She has to remain nameless to avoid being fired for speaking out. Nobody is supposed to know about the serious problems happening in the IVF clinics.

Let me tell you what is really going on and the scientific study that explains it.

Rest assured that the so-called “fact checkers” will call the IVF clinics who will deny there are any problems at all. “Nothing to see here folks, move along!”

So you’ll have to decide who you want to believe here.

No clue why miscarriage rates doubled from March through May

It seems that they’ve been having a series of problems starting in March, 2021 that they just cannot figure out and have never seen before. Although my informant believes it is the vaccine (which of course is why I got the call), she says that the PhD they employ there to investigate the problem is looking at “every possible variable” to figure out why there was suddenly a doubling of the miscarriage rate (in March through May). Nothing was common to all these women. Nothing. She couldn’t figure out the cause.

The PhD never even considered the shots as a possible variable – she refused to look at it when it was mentioned as really the only environmental change for all their patients. And because none of the other variables panned out as being a cause, she called the miscarriage increase a “fluke.” 

The IVF clinics began having problems starting in March. And they’ve talked to other IVF clinics who are having similar problems.

The problems in Utah are documented in this 42-page report produced by HEALTH INDEPENDENCE ALLIANCE.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

  1. Due to the vaccine, the miscarriage rate jumped from 28% to 40% (which is a 43% increase)
  2. The report details stories of miscarriages, death, disability, and a wide range of other adverse events.
  3. Conclusion: the vaccines should be immediately stopped.

Here is a sample of some of the problems they’ve had. I’ll add to this list over time as I get more data, but I wanted to share this with you now.

Note: they do NOT track the vaccination status of any of the women or men involved in the IVF process since they believe that the vaccines are safe and effective. I just wanted to point that out in case you were curious.

  1. In March thru May, there was a huge spike in miscarriage rates. It is normally 25% to 30%. In these months it shot up over 50%. They’ve never seen anything like that before.
  2. One woman had very reliably donated 30 or more eggs each time she came in, which yielded 5 to 8 embryos. In May, she got her second shot of the vaccine and then came in to donate a couple of weeks later. The clinic was shocked: all of the embryos had arrested when they checked them on day 5. None of them reached the stage where the trophectoderm forms. I’m told this sort of thing is exactly what you’d expect from the vaccine (see “What happened in Singapore” below).
  3. They are seeing an unknown contaminant in the wells with the embryos. They started noticing this in August, but it could have started sooner than that. They only notice it under high power magnification and it is only the wells with the embryos. They still don’t know what it is or how it got there. Multiple clinics report the exact same thing. This means it is either coming from the sperm or the egg.
  4. This month, 2 of 10 women in their clinic are having serious problems. They both had 38 eggs but produced only 1 or 2 embryos, way below normal.

The clinics are not bringing any of these problems to the public’s attention

They don’t want to alarm anyone or discourage anyone from getting these “safe and effective” vaccines. It’s all being discussed in private chat rooms between the IVF clinics. My informant would be fired if they found out who she was.

Some people who work at these clinics really don’t like the unvaccinated

Finally, the embryologist at one clinic was heard saying “All the unvaxed deserve to die.” Wow. You really can’t make this stuff up.

What happened in Singapore?

I’ve written in the past about the famous Singapore study that was deliberately gamed so that the conclusion (which determined the vaccines were dangerous to women) would not panic anyone.

Essentially, the vaccine creates antibodies that attack a protein (syncytin-1) which is essential for placenta formation.

In plain English, what they found is that the vaccine should be avoided if you are trying to have a baby.

Here’s what I originally wrote in July, 2021:

There is a substack article What happened in Singapore showing the antibody response to syncytin-1 is real and harmful. Mike Yeadon and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg raised an alarm in Item XI of their petition to halt the Covid vaccine in December that it may induce an antibody response to syncytin-1, which is essential for placenta formation. The Singapore study authors set up their study to “dispel” this insinuation. Brian Mowrey wrote the article to explain the testing system and why the result the authors’ study found is a giant warning that the fears they were trying to dispel are valid. In short there is a lot we do not know about the effects of the vaccines on reproductive health and what we know is troubling enough that they should not be recommended for anyone looking to have a baby.

Brian Mowrey’s substack article was written on Jun 23, 2021, about a month after the Singapore study was published.

It’s now December 15, 2021. There was only one person who commented on the article and 5 likes. That’s why nobody knows about this. It’s been suppressed.

So nobody is going to connect the dots here… unless they read my substack of course.

Expect “real” scientists to ignore your data if it doesn’t comport with the mainstream narrative

Just an addendum that it will be hard to get anyone mainstream to even read this article.

In my case, I’d estimate that close to 90% of the people doing medical research that I know now refuse to talk to me because I don’t think the vaccines are safe (so I must be an evil person). Around 5% agree with me. And there are 5% are in the middle who will talk to me about anything except the vaccines and masking. They do not want to even hear that they might be wrong. I suggested that they might want to check out my substack articles just so they can see what they have been missing, but I get a polite “no thank you” to my offer.

This is why the scientific community is so stuck on their beliefs. They basically are very proficient at filtering out any information that doesn’t align with their beliefs.

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Russia explains why it vetoed climate change resolution at UN

RT | December 13, 2021

Russia has vetoed a draft UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution, linking climate change to security threats. Russia’s ambassador to the body claimed the document would have set a dangerously one-sided approach to future conflicts.

The UNSC voted on the draft resolution, tabled by temporary members Ireland and Niger, on Monday. The proposal, co-sponsored by over 100 nations, called upon the UN secretary-general to make climate-related risks “a central component” of conflict prevention, while “incorporating information on the security implications of climate change” to make the council “pay due regard to any root causes of conflict or risk multipliers.”

While the draft was supported by the majority of UNSC members, it was vetoed by Russia, with another permanent member, China, abstaining. Among the temporary invitees, India was the only country to vote against the draft. Between them, the three countries are home to close to 40% of the world’s population.

Explaining the decision to sink the resolution, Russia’s Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia said the document would have imposed an extremely one-sided perspective to deal with conflicts, while potentially enabling the UNSC to put any country on its agenda under the guise of climate-related issues.

“We object to the creation of a new branch in the council’s work that asserts a generic and an automatic link between climate change and international security, turning a scientific and socio-economic issue into a political issue,” Nebenzia said during the meeting.

The proposed document was effectively “coercing the council to take a one-dimensional approach to conflicts and threats to international peace and security, i.e. through the climate lens,” Russia’s mission said in a separate statement.

We recognize the range of complex and intertwined challenges, including the impact of climate change, natural disasters, poverty, poor local governance that is mostly rooted in the colonial past, and terrorism threats that are an intolerable burden for some countries and regions. All those situations have their own specific characteristics.

The mission also noted that the draft was not actually as universally supported as its sponsors tried to present it, stating that the “penholders of the document were pushing it through without readiness to discuss the root causes of challenges” that the “vulnerable countries” are facing.

“As a responsible member of the United Nations and its Security Council, the Russian Federation along with India and China does not share such an approach imposed by the Western nations that have already made a significant number of countries expecting assistance believe in it,” the mission stressed.

Ireland has already voiced its displeasure over the demise of the draft resolution, with the country’s mission at the UN blasting the veto powers of permanent UNSC members as “an outdated tool, for what we think is an outdated perspective.”

“A historic opportunity to recognize climate change as contributing to conflict has been vetoed for now, but the consensus of international opinion is more than clear,” Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said.

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Germany’s Traffic Light Coalition Blinks Green for NATO Hostility to Russia

By Finian Cunningham | Strategic Culture Foundation | December 17, 2021

The new German coalition government headed up by Chancellor Olaf Scholz is only one week in power but already the signals are pointing to Berlin being more amenable to U.S.-led NATO hostility towards Russia.

The “traffic light” coalition (based on party colours) comprises the Social Democrat Party led by Scholz in partnership with the Greens and pro-business Free Democrats. Scholz gave an inaugural address to the Bundestag this week as the new chancellor having replaced Angela Merkel of the Christian Democrats after her 16 years in power.

Following Merkel’s reign, which was hallmarked by stability and her dominant personal style, all eyes will be on the new government in Berlin and its impact on transatlantic relations. Scholz, who is relatively unknown, and his administration could hardly be met with a more challenging time given the heightened tensions between, on the one hand, the U.S.-led NATO military alliance and the European Union, and on the other, Russia.

Berlin’s new foreign minister Annalena Baerbock (who takes over from Heiko Maas) brings to her post a more vociferous, critical position towards Russia. Baerbock, a leading Green lawmaker, announced this week that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany is being put on hold due to alleged Russian aggression towards Ukraine. The pipeline was already being held up since completion in September by an industrial certification process. But now Baerbock has introduced a geopolitical factor to cancel the project. Before her ministerial post, she was known as a trenchant critic of Nord Stream 2, opposing it because she provocatively claimed, it allowed Russia to “blackmail Europe”, and also apparently on environmental grounds. Ironically, the alternative to Russian gas supply would be the import of American shale gas which is more expensive and dirty owing to its environmentally destructive extraction method. In her latest Nord Stream 2 pronouncement, the German foreign minister is sounding remarkably like U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in linking the project’s future to tensions over Ukraine and putative Russian invasion plans.

Baerbock has also been a long-standing advocate of expanding NATO eastwards and of closer transatlantic ties with the United States.

This eastward expansion of the military alliance is exactly what has caused apprehension in Moscow which views the bloc as threatening Russia’s national security from the potential for advanced positioning of nuclear missiles on Russian borders. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has urged U.S. President Joe Biden as well as British and French counterparts to implement legal guarantees to safeguard Russia’s security. Those guarantees would include a prohibition on NATO’s further eastward expansion to include membership access for former Soviet republics Ukraine and Georgia.

With Baerbock as Germany’s top diplomat, it is likely that Russia’s concerns will be given short shrift. As the strongest political force in the European Union, a more hardline German policy will ramify across the entire EU and reinforce the position of Russophobic members like Poland and the Baltic states.

As for the new chancellor, 63-year-old Scholz was formerly the finance minister in Merkel’s last coalition government. That administration was robustly supportive of the Nord Stream 2 partnership with Russia. Under Merkel, Berlin rebuffed Washington’s objections to the pipeline saying that it was a sovereign matter for Germany. Scholz himself had in the past spoken out against American meddling over Germany’s energy policy. The Biden administration appeared to respect Berlin’s independence on the issue by dropping threats of sanctions against participating companies. That background might suggest that the chancellor’s office would hold Baerbock’s foreign ministry in check.

However, the recent escalation of tensions over Ukraine fuelled by Washington’s claims that Russia is planning to invade the country has hardened Germany’s stance towards Moscow, in particular on the issue of expanding economic sanctions as “severe consequences” for alleged Russian aggression. Moscow has repeatedly dismissed the U.S. claims of invasion plans, but disconcertingly Germany and the rest of the EU have gone along with Washington’s narrative, accepting dubious American “intel” as if good coin, reminiscent of the WMD propaganda leading up the war on Iraq. That paradigm shift suggests a premeditated, orchestrated objective for the U.S. The Europeans have been suitably suckered into the ploy. And, at last, the Nord Stream 2 project is within target of Washington’s policy torpedoes.

In his address to the Bundestag this week, Scholz called for “constructive dialogue” with Russia to “stop the spiral of escalation”. He also called for “mutual understanding”. That may sound like an enlightened policy of diplomatic engagement. But then, disappointingly, Scholz vowed that Germany would “speak with one voice with our European partners and transatlantic allies”. That means Berlin is henceforth deferring to the position of Washington and Kiev in terms of determining response to the accepted narrative of “Russian aggression”.

Whatever the shortcomings of Merkel – she was no radical critic of Washington – but she at least was capable at times of exerting a modicum of independence. Her unwavering support for Nord Stream 2, for example, despite American pressure. Also more recently, it has emerged that Merkel reportedly blocked supplies of NATO weapons to Ukraine much to the annoyance of the Kiev regime.

Olaf Scholz does not come across, at least so far, as a strong leader. His mealy-mouthed talk about “sharing one voice” with the U.S. and “partners” like Ukraine, as well as his ready acceptance of spurious allegations about Russian aggression, indicate that the new Berlin government will be a pliable tool for Washington’s policy of hostility towards Russia.

Historically, it is ominous that the first German overseas military action since 1945 occurred in 1999 under an SPD-Green coalition. That was when Germany joined in the NATO bombing of Serbia. These parties are coalition partners again at another crucial time for Europe.

If there is a new traffic light in Berlin it’s showing no stops for further U.S. and NATO aggression in Europe.

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Russia demands YouTube restore RT’s German broadcast channel

RT | December 17, 2021

Russia’s media regulator has warned that it could curtail or block access to YouTube unless the American tech giant restores the “RT auf Sendung” channel. The platform deleted RT DE’s newly launched service on Thursday.

Regulator Roskomnadzor, has sent a notice to Google, YouTube’s parent company demanding that the platform lift all restrictions on the channel, which allowed internet audiences to watch RT’s newly launched around-the-clock German-language broadcasts live.

YouTube took down RT auf Sendung (RT On the Air) five hours after it began showing content. As a result, Roskomnadzor blasted YouTube’s “unprecedented” actions as “an act of censorship” that violates Moscow’s law.

If the platform fails to comply, it could receive a formal warning and then be “partially or completely” blocked in Russia, the regulator warned.

YouTube said it deleted the channel for what it considered a violation of its terms of service. It later explained that owners of previously deleted accounts are barred from launching and operating new ones.

The platform took down two of RT DE’s accounts in September, over what it claimed was a violation of community guidelines for alleged “medical misinformation” in four videos, without elaborating further or providing specific examples.

RT’s editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, called the move at the time a “declaration of media war against Russia by Germany.”

Before its removal, RT DE was the fourth-most influential German-language news source on the platform, surpassing Deutsche Welle and a number of other news broadcasters, according to Tubular Labs.

You can WATCH the live broadcast of the new channel on RT DE’s official website.

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Head of European media authority says RT in Germany ‘will be taken care of’

RT | December 17, 2021

Tobias Schmid, the European Representative of the Directors’ Conference of the Media Authorities, in an interview to a German media outlet NDR baselessly disputed the validity of RT’s broadcasting in Germany, but said that the channel “will be taken care of.”

German-language television channel RT DE – part of the RT network – began its broadcasting from Moscow and to multiple European countries, via a Serbia-issued license on 16.12.2021. The license had been obtained in accordance with all applicable European laws and regulations, under the European Convention on Transfrontier Television. Schmid falsely claimed that the new channel is based in Berlin – perhaps missing the extensive coverage of RT DE’s launch from RT’s Moscow headquarters, where RT DE’s newsroom, VCR, on-air studio, post-production facilities, broadcasting complex etc. are all located. He further said, that despite the utmost transparency and legality of all of RT activities in Germany, the new channel is an irritant but “will be taken care of.”

Now Schmid is attempting to use his authority, as well as that of his and other German organizations, to pressure independent European satellite operators to breach contract and terminate RT DE’s broadcasting – an action that we consider not just misguided but grossly inappropriate and in violation of RT DE’s legal rights.

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Maxwell Case: Surveilled And Silenced

Twitter censors trial coverage as FBI connections broached

By Moneycircus | OffGuardian | December 17, 2021

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, former partner of Jeffrey Epstein, looks like it is being set up to fail. Prosecutors rested their case after nine days in which victims seemed barely prepared for cross-examination and co-conspirators were notable by their absence.

Even this threadbare reckoning was too much information for Twitter, which banned a popular account reporting daily from Manhattan Federal Court. The new Twitter CEO has previously said the company is not bound by the First Amendment, and blocked posts that were drawing 500,000 views.

The touchy revelation seems to have been that hard drives removed from Jeffrey Epstein’s townhouse in 2019 already had FBI tags on them, suggesting they’d previously been seized and returned to the predator.

The state-corporatist media, like the federal prosecutors, have ignored the clear implication of surveillance and even blackmail. The court case is limited to six counts relating to sex trafficking and Maxwell’s alleged involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse of teen women.

Not only does it seem U.S. agencies may have been complicit in compromising individuals — Twitter tries to stop us from knowing. Kudos to The Free Press Report for its daily summary of the trial.


It is said that Catherine de’ Medici maintained a unit of female spies. These women, multi-talented in languages and the arts, also formed the escadron volant or flying squadron, so named after the queen introduced ballet to the French court.

The military overtones come from their duties in the field of state security in which they applied all their skills, including those of the boudoir. The way in which Catherine deployed her agents resounds down the years.

The tense political climes demanded tough measures. Henry II (reigned 1547–59) had died in a jousting tournament and his son Francis II, married to Mary Queen of Scots, lived only a year. That left Catherine as regent to Henry’s second son Charles IX (1560–74).

The inference remains that these young women were pressed into service. Catherine was also from a dominant family in her own right as daughter of Lorenzo de’ Medici, Duke of Urbino. The squadron dispersed her rivals, presumably using blackmail alongside manipulative techniques of jealousy, rivalry or distraction.

The term blackmail dates from this time. Originally called simply “mail” it referred to rent. When paid in silver it was white, or reditus albi but when paid in labour, produce or livestock it was black — reditus nigri.

Whether it originally had negative connotations is moot. By the sixteenth century however, it was used on the Scottish borders to refer to protection money extracted by raiders. By the 19th it described extortion by officials or journalists.

The Medicis used those around them and leveraged their skills to gain information, and this extended to the arts. The Flemish painter Peter Paul Reubens (1577–1640) was fluent in six languages — daubed with talent by the brushful — and no mean spy.

His father had lived in Antwerp when it was was centre of the trading world, moving in the circles of William of Orange. He would reach the loftier orbit of Marie de’ Medici, second wife of Henri IV of France — a fateful choice for Henri, who would die by an assassin’s knife the day after her coronation.

Reubens would frequent the courts of Philip IV, mixing with his favourite the Count-Duke of Olivares, and that of Charles I and the Duke of Buckingham. Reubens was loyal to the Spanish power during the Dutch revolt, and he seems to have counseled against war with the English and French.


Though tastes in art have tumbled since Reubens’ day it remains a tool of cultural exchange and power, while celebrity and bodily beauty are employed more ruthlessly than ever.

The CIA used modern art — the more abstract the better — in the 1960s to overshadow the Soviets in a display of superior creativity and intellectual freedom. Along with compliant authors, journalists, think-tankers and activists it promoted the careers of Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko.

So when we read of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell partying with what may soon again be called the Jet Set, it is easy to miss the underlying power relations. Likewise the grasping seeking out of influence of the museum crowd, amid the contrived and the affected, the grey suits of the moneyed world trying to escape their conventional selves into an orbit where the word eclectic long ago became cliché.

Their connections targeted those in the scientific sphere, leveraging Maxwell’s father’s ownership of Pergamon Press, a publisher of scientific journals. Epstein had his own connections through universities like MIT and Harvard and John Brockman’s Edge Foundation, where futurists and transhumanists discussed how to manipulate hierarchies of need to create new models of cybernetic governance.

This should ring bells for those who have watched how Event Covid rolled out, with the use of behavioural psychology taking primacy in the government response, even ahead of medical treatment.


Hobnobbing is the perfect opportunity, for those of ill will, to try to compromise others but the famous blackmails of the past were, like kidnappings, individual. It takes a spy agency to do it en masse.

So who leveraged Epstein and Maxwell’s performance art? Who, in the jargon of Silicon Valley, Mountain View and venture capitalists helped them achieve “iteration at scale”?

Much that we have heard about the duo points to this objective: the townhouse with cameras in every room and a video-editing suite to record them. Flight lists of politicians and business executives: we likely know only a fraction of the roll call but they don’t seem to be the sort you’d invite to your private island for laughs.

Tabloid stories in the 1990s had already linked Epstein and Prince Andrew, quoting the gossip of the time that Epstein “worked for CIA.” The connection with intelligence goes deeper than braggadocio.

Robert Maxwell and his daughters are prominent in the evolution of information technology, including Christine Maxwell’s Chiliad Inc, which claimed as clients for its data analysis software the FBI, Treasury and NSA, and may have included the CIA — an echo of the PROMIS monitoring software that Robert Maxwell helped to sell to intelligence agencies.

Just before the Maxwell trial we got another connection, a declassified CIA inspector general report into child abuse by CIA staffers, obtained by BuzzFeed News through Freedom of Information Act lawsuits. This showed that at least 10 employees and contractors had committed sex crimes against minors and were not prosecuted. Of the news services only CBS seems to have given the story much prominence.

The revelations are ominously reminiscent of the accusations by Human Rights Watch that the State Department contractor DynCorp trafficked women and girls in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Documents submitted to a Florida court in 2008 suggest one of Epstein’s helicopters shared the tail number N474AW with a State Department plane leased to DynCorp.

At the very least the CIA failed to act. It is a small step that connects human trafficking, the drug operations chronicled over 50 years by the academic Alfred McCoy, and the money laundering that U.S. financial authorities have ignored and exposed in equal measure.

The historical provenance goes back to Barings Bank and the opium trade, African slavery, and trafficking in Chinese labourers who dug the trenches for the First World War — and stayed on to bury the dead.


The Medici coat of arms was five red spheres on a gold shield, under one ball of blue. Jokes aside, given the power of the Medici matriarchy, we can imagine that bouncing balls are to be dispatched to the four corners, with one to spare.

If you send your descendants to penetrate countries, whether you are a banker or monarch, like French kings who sent their sons to Albion, the first thing they will establish is an intelligence operation. In the same way Walsingham, spymaster to the Tudors; or the Cecils and Sackvilles who as Treasurers profited from managing finances for the crown.

Practically the first act of Pope Francis in 2014 was to fire the heads of the Vatican bank. The route to big money is to latch on to monarchs and governments, or the don, or whoever lords it over the manor and to help him fleece it.

It begs the question: if Epstein was a solo operator running an extortion ring his operation would not have lasted one year, let alone 30. For he trod on the toes of the powerful, the architects of the Forever Wars from Helmand to the coca fields of Colombia.

This suggests his connections were more than tangential with intelligence agencies of several countries which are, after all, the footsoldiers of those who established them: Wall Street, the old East India Company money, The Investors, the bankers — slice and dice, pin to a cocktail stick and label to your liking.

Who, then, was kept in check by the rustle and crack of closeted skeletons? Even Donald Trump who gave Epstein the cold shoulder in later years and was unfairly traduced by the Russiagate saga, was an associate of Roy Cohn and managed Resorts International, the casino inheritance of Meyer Lansky. Far from a royal court but princelings still.

Seen from this aspect, the Maxwell trial is the iceberg tip of the oldest, most powerful, still-active syndicate. It sheds light — or would, if fully prosecuted — upon the techniques and trades of the ancient professions, those timeless merchants of weapons, drugs and trafficking.

Twitter is keen that we should not make the connection for The Wretched of the Earth, as Frantz Fanon wrote, might recognize the common enemy and become conscious of a target, and possessed of the will to resist.


Without excusing those who accepted Epstein’s invitation, those who were captured in the web were captured still.

report by the Frazer Institute points out that the United States in particular has a history of the state misusing surveillance to commit blackmail, intended to silence dissent, as revealed by the Church Committee of 1976.

Following its report, Congress established the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), to consider requests for secret warrants. Russiagate showed how that went.

The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the US government was using the Internet to conduct mass indiscriminate surveillance. Eric Schmidt, then CEO of Google, said in a 2009 interview:

if you have something that you do not want anyone to know, maybe you should not be doing it in the first place.”

Yet Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis, expressed the human necessity of privacy in Olmstead v. U.S (1928):

The makers of our Constitution… knew that only a part of the pain, pleasure and satisfactions of life are to be found in material things. They sought to protect Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions and their sensations. They conferred, as against the Government, the right to be let alone — the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men.”

When the U.S. government acts as the accomplice of blackmailers, and social media companies like Twitter scurry to provide cover, the rights of us all stand on quicksand.

Whatever your view on Event Covid the accent on state security is grave: the military figures prominently, with unprecedented censorship and unbending discipline by politicians in lockstep, if not goose step. There is more than a whiff of compulsion. If you let slip there’s a blackmail operation, don’t you reveal who is behind it?


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Moneycircus is written by a former executive producer in network news who lives in Tbilisi, Georgia. You can subscribe and support his work here.

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Why Have They Done This to the Children?


Around the world, there has been widespread fear and anxiety since the beginning of the pandemic. While some fear is natural, we are now into 21 months, and yet fear levels have hardly abated. The mainstream narrative on Covid-19 goes: “Covid-19 is a danger to everyone, and all must socially distance and lockdown until we can eliminate the virus.”

This narrative keeps everyone in constant fear of fellow humans. It treats children more as virus carriers than as adorable, innocent, normal children. Is this narrative accurate, or is it based on disproportionate fear? 

In trying to talk to friends and colleagues who believe this narrative, I have been called a conspiracy theorist by many. After all, so many public health authorities in so many countries tell us this narrative. How can it be possible that so many authorities in so many countries are wrong? How can so many scientists be wrong?

The spirit of scientific inquiry demands that we look at things from first principles. It cannot be based on: “how can so many people be wrong.” There are several easy-to-see indications that much of the world’s response to Covid-19 is indeed disproportionate fear rather than a rational response.

Below, I list five such obvious indications, all in the context of children.

(1) Starving already malnourished children: The first indication of the hugely imbalanced response is that the lockdown response, based on the mainstream narrative, starved already malnourished children.

In India, malnutrition among children has been a huge problem for decades, directly or indirectly responsible for killing nearly 3% of infants, about 2000 preventable deaths per day. Yet, the lockdown narrative chose to shut schools and mid-day meal schemes, starving millions of already malnourished kids: they are not yet back to normal after 21 months!

(2) Labeling children as dangerous disease agents: The second indication of imbalanced response is that children have been deprived of a normal childhood, play, socialization and education. In many cases they were even blamed for the death of the elderly.

Even if it were indeed true that children could spread a virus, this is hardly the way to treat them: for several months and years, with no end in sight. And evidence is overwhelming that schools do not contribute much to Covid spread, and some research even indicates that exposure to children may be protective on average, against Covid-19.

In India, it is even more absurd that almost everything is normal for adults: restaurants, malls, movie theatres, crowded events, crowded buses and trains and flights, etc.; while at the same time schools are not open, and even where open, normal activities are not permitted for kids!

(3) Covid-19 vaccines for kids without long-term safety data: The same mainstream narrative also pushes for Covid-19 vaccines for kids, when there has been no pandemic for kids anywhere in the world (e.g. Germany, Sweden, data from various other European countries). Rolling out kids’ jabs without long-term safety data is medical malfeasance, and yet another indication of the disproportionate response to Covid-19.

(4) Vaccine mandates for kids: Some parts of the world (e.g. CA, NY in USA) have announced mandated Covid-19 vaccines for school kids. This adds to the above medical malfeasance.

(5) Vaccinating kids without parental consent: Some parts of the world (e.g. UK, Switzerland, Philadelphia/USA) allowed kids as young as 11 or 12 years to get vaccinated without parental consent. Performing a medical procedure for a child, without parental consent, should be unthinkable. This is another dimension of the above medical malfeasance and disproportionate response.

Ethical dilemma vs treatment of kids in our Covid response

There is a classical thought experiment used to illustrate ethical dilemmas. Should the person standing next to the lever “do nothing” and let the train kill five people, or should he push the lever and be explicitly responsible for the death of one person? It is a dilemma because there is no necessarily “correct” answer.

It is instructive to compare this dilemma with our Covid response: we have victimized kids and robbed them of a childhood, with no benefit whatsoever to show for it! Continuing the same response even after knowing that Covid poses miniscule risk to kids, would be deeply unethical.

Getting out of mass psychosis, for the sake of our children

Due to unidimensional focus on Covid-19, driven in no small part by a profit-motived media as well as social-media echo chambers, disproportionate fear has now reached levels of mass psychosis.

Our children are our future, as Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has reminded us of the obvious recently. There has been no pandemic for children anywhere in the world. Yet their lives have been upended and futures ruined, not by the virus, but by our disproportionate fear-based response.

It is each child’s constitutional as well as birth-right to have a normal childhood. It is high time the public comes out of disproportionate fear of Covid-19, and high time that health authorities start taking evidence-based steps, rather than fear-based steps. The future of our children is at stake.

Bhaskaran Raman is a faculty in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. Views expressed here are his personal opinion. He maintains the site: “Understand, Unclog, Unpanic, Unscare, Unlock (U5) India” . He can be reached via twitter, telegram: @br_cse_iitb .

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CEOs of two major airlines question the need for mask mandates

By Steve Kirsch | December 16, 2021

Why masks are important

Masks are an easier win. Everyone HATES wearing masks (well, almost everyone… there are people who are convinced it is protecting them).

Winning on masks shows people that the authorities got it wrong. If we show the public that the CDC is making us do things that are nonsensical, it erodes trust in the CDC. That make the next argument (that the CDC got it wrong on the vaccine) easier to win because the CDC is no longer infallible.

Top CEOs say masks are useless

From the story in Blaze News on December 16, 2021:

CEOs of two major airlines spoke out and questioned the necessity of masks on flights, CNN reported.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and Southwest CEO Gary Kelly both made related remarks during a Wednesday Senate hearing on the financial support the airline industry has received amid the ongoing pandemic.

Masks are required on all American airliners per order of the federal government.

Both Parker and Kelly said that they don’t believe masks make much difference when it comes to tamping down the transmission of COVID-19 and that advanced air filtration systems on airliners make them one of the safest places to be with regard to coronavirus infections.

We are finally moving in the right direction! What they said was true. That’s a great start. But is anyone listening?

I just updated my “Masks don’t work” article

I’ve updated my “Masks don’t work” article to include new research our team did which independently validated the work of UC Berkeley Professor Ben Recht who showed the Bangladesh mask study, hailed by mainstream medical experts as proving once and for all that masks work, actually proved that masks do not work at all. See new bullet point #10. You will love it if you are into statistical analysis.

The author wanted to remain anonymous so he doesn’t get attacked by his peers for telling the truth. You just can’t be too careful nowadays… telling the truth can get you fired.

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Pfizer Vaccine Reprograms Both Adaptive and Innate Immune Responses

By Dr. Joseph Mercola | December 17, 2021

A study posted on the preprint site medRxiv shows that the COVID mRNA shots are causing immune system dysregulation. In other words, researchers are finding that the shots reprogram not only your adaptive immune system, but the innate system as well.

It’s this feature that is probably causing the resurgences of viral infections and adverse events with the shots. What this means for children as health care decision makers push for them to get the jabs now is that their innate systems — which are naturally very strong — may be challenged to the point that the spike proteins of the coronavirus will actually stir up chronic inflammation and autoimmunity.

And what that means is that by way of the injected mRNA, the body is being set up for other types of infections from fungi, viruses and bacteria.

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Twitter locked out think tank policy director for opposing “chemical castration” of kids

“Hateful conduct”

By Cindy Harper | Reclaim The Net | December 16, 2021

Twitter temporarily suspended Jon Schweppe, the director of American Principles Project (APP), for encouraging governors to support legislation that would ban the chemical castration of kids with gender dysphoria. Twitter claimed that the tweet violated its rules against hateful conduct.

APP is a pro-family think tank. Its director, Jon Schweppe, took to Twitter to applaud South Dakota’s Gov. Kristi Noem for pressing the state lawmakers to pass a law that will restrict the participation of trans individuals in female sports at the K-12 and collegiate levels.

Shweppe wrote: “Now we hope that governors will likewise be emboldened to continue the fight against the evil gender ideology being forced on America’s children by joining Arkansas and Tennessee in banning the chemical castration and surgical mutilation of minors suffering from gender dysphoria.”

Twitter suspended him for that tweet, which it said went against its “rules against hateful conduct.”

APP’s account tweeted that Schweppe appealed the suspension arguing that he was “advocating for protecting children from violence.” Twitter rejected the appeal.

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Worldwide Walkouts – An Ongoing Campaign

Children’s Health Defense Calling all Advocates to Show Up Strong in 2022

Show up at your statehouse on the first day of legislative session. People around the globe are showing up in protest of tyrannical government overreach and unconstitutional mandates to demand that lawmakers defend freedom.

Our Defenders around the globe worked hard in 2021 using their voices and presence to stand against tyranny, discrimination, coercion and unconstitutional mandates. This unique time in history calls for consistent daily action and ongoing peaceful non-compliance to preserve freedoms and return to democracy.

Constituents and legislators are being barred entry into their statehouses based on their vaccination status. In some states, legislators have surrendered their power to corrupt governors who are ruling by edict – they are removing freedoms instead of protecting them. Our elected officials need constant reminders that they work for the tax paying citizens of this country. On day one of the 2022 legislative session, they must see our faces, hear our voices and know that we will not go away quietly. (See videos)

The tyranny ends when We the People stand up!

Children’s Health Defense is encouraging concerned citizens around the world to Show up Strong at their statehouse for the first day of the 2022 legislative session. In partnership with our state and international chapters, partners and affiliates, we are calling on all of humanity to come together and peacefully assemble to stand against mandates. They are coming for our children and the only thing that stands in their way is we the people.

Here’s how you can Show up Strong at your Statehouse in 2022:

  1. Find the date for the start of your state’s 2022 legislative session.
  2. Organize and invite local groups and community members to show up at your statehouse on that day. Encourage people to take a sick day and pull their kids from school. Ban together to work with as many groups in your community concerned with freedom and our right to choose what goes on and in our bodies.
  3. Be sure to share your rally with CHD to be featured on this Worldwide Walkouts page and our Community Calendar.
  4. Visit our Advocacy Hub to download, print and share educational flyers and postcards with your community and elected officials.
  5. Download, print and share our new stickers and “Stick to the Truth” Look for high traffic, high-exposure public areas such as community bulletin boards and utility poles to share important truth based messages to counter the media brainwashing.
  6. Mark your calendar for January 23rd, 2022 for the “Defeat the Mandates” for a march at 11:30 am ET from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial followed by a rally. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. along with Dr. Peter McCollough, Dr. Robert Malone, and many others will be addressing the crowd. We are going to come together – black, white and hispanic; vaccinated and unvaccinated; Democrats and Republicans – to fight for freedom and to march on Washington in peace. The discrimination against the unvaccinated is an assault against the very fabric thatmakes us a free, democratic society. Go to to sign up and join us! #DoNotComply

Never has there been a more important time to fight back and protect our rights to stop this tyranny and government overreach.

Be a defender of truth, freedom and health. Join us in 2022 and SHOW UP STRONG!

Find Your State’s Legislative Session Start Date

We know many states are battling mandates for masks and the COVID vaccine. And the legislative session will be upon us in just a few weeks where states like New York, California, Louisiana and others will attempt to pass bills making the COVID vaccine mandatory for school-aged children. New York and California are crucial states so we ask that if you are in or around those areas that you show up to support in addition to the rallies in your home state.

States shown in red are key battleground states!

AK: Tue, Jan. 18
AL: Tue, Jan. 11
AR: Mon, Feb. 14
AZ: Mon, Jan. 10
CA: Mon, Jan. 03
CO: Wed, Jan. 12
CT: Wed, Feb. 09
DE: Tue, Jan. 11
FL: Tue, Jan. 11
GA: Mon, Jan. 10
HI: Wed, Jan. 19
IA: Mon, Jan. 10
IL: Wed, Jan. 12

ID: Mon, Jan. 10
IN: Tue, Jan. 04
KS: Mon, Jan. 10
KY: Tue, Jan. 04
LA: Mon, Mar. 14
MA: Wed, Jan. 05
MD: Wed, Jan. 12
ME: Wed, Jan. 05
MI: Wed, Jan. 12
MN: Mon, Jan. 31
MO: Wed, Jan. 05
MS: Tue, Jan. 04
MT: *

NC: Wed, May. 18
ND: *
NE: Wed, Jan. 05
NH: Wed, Jan. 05
NJ: Tue, Jan. 11
NM: Tue, Jan. 18
NV: *
NY: Wed, Jan. 05
OH: Wed, Jan. 19
OK: Mon, Feb. 07
OR: Tue, Feb. 01
PA: Tue, Jan. 04

RI: Tue, Jan. 04
SC: Tue, Jan. 11
SD: Tue, Jan. 11
TN: Tue, Jan. 11
TX: *
UT: Tue, Jan. 18
VA: Wed, Jan. 12
VT: Tue, Jan. 04
WA: Mon, Jan. 10
WI: Tue, Jan. 18
WV: Wed, Jan. 12
WY: Mon, Feb. 14

* These states are not in regular session in even-numbered years.

Worldwide Walkouts are demanding a return to freedom and democratic principles. Citizens around the globe are protesting illegal mandates and tyrannical government overreach. Every man, woman and child is important to this movement.

This grassroots initiative is ongoing as we organize and connect activists around the globe to execute coordinated acts of peaceful non-compliance and civil disobedience. Check back often for dates and events near you.

“No government in history has ever surrendered power in the absence of a demand. We need to tell these governments and their friends in the technocracy, the Silicon Valley billionaire boys club, the mainstream media, and the pharmaceutical industry that we will no longer tolerate their trampling of citizens’ rights.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., CHD Board Chair and Lead Counsel

Join Us for Upcoming Worldwide Walkouts!

All times are local to each event. View the event graphic or flyer for details.

January 5

  • NY: Albany March for Freedom on the First Day of the Legislative Session, 10am – graphic

Let Us Know About Your Event!

Submit your event for review using our online form.

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