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Worldwide Walkouts – An Ongoing Campaign

Children’s Health Defense Calling all Advocates to Show Up Strong in 2022

Show up at your statehouse on the first day of legislative session. People around the globe are showing up in protest of tyrannical government overreach and unconstitutional mandates to demand that lawmakers defend freedom.

Our Defenders around the globe worked hard in 2021 using their voices and presence to stand against tyranny, discrimination, coercion and unconstitutional mandates. This unique time in history calls for consistent daily action and ongoing peaceful non-compliance to preserve freedoms and return to democracy.

Constituents and legislators are being barred entry into their statehouses based on their vaccination status. In some states, legislators have surrendered their power to corrupt governors who are ruling by edict – they are removing freedoms instead of protecting them. Our elected officials need constant reminders that they work for the tax paying citizens of this country. On day one of the 2022 legislative session, they must see our faces, hear our voices and know that we will not go away quietly. (See videos)

The tyranny ends when We the People stand up!

Children’s Health Defense is encouraging concerned citizens around the world to Show up Strong at their statehouse for the first day of the 2022 legislative session. In partnership with our state and international chapters, partners and affiliates, we are calling on all of humanity to come together and peacefully assemble to stand against mandates. They are coming for our children and the only thing that stands in their way is we the people.

Here’s how you can Show up Strong at your Statehouse in 2022:

  1. Find the date for the start of your state’s 2022 legislative session.
  2. Organize and invite local groups and community members to show up at your statehouse on that day. Encourage people to take a sick day and pull their kids from school. Ban together to work with as many groups in your community concerned with freedom and our right to choose what goes on and in our bodies.
  3. Be sure to share your rally with CHD to be featured on this Worldwide Walkouts page and our Community Calendar.
  4. Visit our Advocacy Hub to download, print and share educational flyers and postcards with your community and elected officials.
  5. Download, print and share our new stickers and “Stick to the Truth” Look for high traffic, high-exposure public areas such as community bulletin boards and utility poles to share important truth based messages to counter the media brainwashing.
  6. Mark your calendar for January 23rd, 2022 for the “Defeat the Mandates” for a march at 11:30 am ET from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial followed by a rally. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. along with Dr. Peter McCollough, Dr. Robert Malone, and many others will be addressing the crowd. We are going to come together – black, white and hispanic; vaccinated and unvaccinated; Democrats and Republicans – to fight for freedom and to march on Washington in peace. The discrimination against the unvaccinated is an assault against the very fabric thatmakes us a free, democratic society. Go to to sign up and join us! #DoNotComply

Never has there been a more important time to fight back and protect our rights to stop this tyranny and government overreach.

Be a defender of truth, freedom and health. Join us in 2022 and SHOW UP STRONG!

Find Your State’s Legislative Session Start Date

We know many states are battling mandates for masks and the COVID vaccine. And the legislative session will be upon us in just a few weeks where states like New York, California, Louisiana and others will attempt to pass bills making the COVID vaccine mandatory for school-aged children. New York and California are crucial states so we ask that if you are in or around those areas that you show up to support in addition to the rallies in your home state.

States shown in red are key battleground states!

AK: Tue, Jan. 18
AL: Tue, Jan. 11
AR: Mon, Feb. 14
AZ: Mon, Jan. 10
CA: Mon, Jan. 03
CO: Wed, Jan. 12
CT: Wed, Feb. 09
DE: Tue, Jan. 11
FL: Tue, Jan. 11
GA: Mon, Jan. 10
HI: Wed, Jan. 19
IA: Mon, Jan. 10
IL: Wed, Jan. 12

ID: Mon, Jan. 10
IN: Tue, Jan. 04
KS: Mon, Jan. 10
KY: Tue, Jan. 04
LA: Mon, Mar. 14
MA: Wed, Jan. 05
MD: Wed, Jan. 12
ME: Wed, Jan. 05
MI: Wed, Jan. 12
MN: Mon, Jan. 31
MO: Wed, Jan. 05
MS: Tue, Jan. 04
MT: *

NC: Wed, May. 18
ND: *
NE: Wed, Jan. 05
NH: Wed, Jan. 05
NJ: Tue, Jan. 11
NM: Tue, Jan. 18
NV: *
NY: Wed, Jan. 05
OH: Wed, Jan. 19
OK: Mon, Feb. 07
OR: Tue, Feb. 01
PA: Tue, Jan. 04

RI: Tue, Jan. 04
SC: Tue, Jan. 11
SD: Tue, Jan. 11
TN: Tue, Jan. 11
TX: *
UT: Tue, Jan. 18
VA: Wed, Jan. 12
VT: Tue, Jan. 04
WA: Mon, Jan. 10
WI: Tue, Jan. 18
WV: Wed, Jan. 12
WY: Mon, Feb. 14

* These states are not in regular session in even-numbered years.

Worldwide Walkouts are demanding a return to freedom and democratic principles. Citizens around the globe are protesting illegal mandates and tyrannical government overreach. Every man, woman and child is important to this movement.

This grassroots initiative is ongoing as we organize and connect activists around the globe to execute coordinated acts of peaceful non-compliance and civil disobedience. Check back often for dates and events near you.

“No government in history has ever surrendered power in the absence of a demand. We need to tell these governments and their friends in the technocracy, the Silicon Valley billionaire boys club, the mainstream media, and the pharmaceutical industry that we will no longer tolerate their trampling of citizens’ rights.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., CHD Board Chair and Lead Counsel

Join Us for Upcoming Worldwide Walkouts!

All times are local to each event. View the event graphic or flyer for details.

January 5

  • NY: Albany March for Freedom on the First Day of the Legislative Session, 10am – graphic

Let Us Know About Your Event!

Submit your event for review using our online form.

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