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Unvaxxed in Austria Could be Imprisoned For a Year

New amendment increases sentence for non-payment of fines

By Paul Joseph Watson | Summit News | December 10, 2021

People in Austria who remain unvaccinated could find themselves imprisoned for a year, according to critics of an amendment to an administrative law.

Susanne Fürst of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), which voted against the amendment, warned that it could be used to punish the unjabbed with much harsher sentences.

The amendment raises fines from €726 (£617/$818) to €2,000 (£1,701/$2,255) and increases prison time for those who refuse to pay from four weeks to up to a year.

Given that Austrians who don’t get vaccinated by February face fines of up to €7,200 ($8,000) for non-compliance, those who refuse to pay would also face a 12 month jail sentence.

The amendment also orders people who are jailed to pay for their own imprisonment.

“If detention is carried out by the courts, the associated costs shall be recovered by the courts from the obligated party in accordance with the provisions existing for the recovery of the costs of enforcing judicial penalties,” it states.

Despite Fürst protesting that the amendment could be used to further punish the unvaccinated, the measure was approved anyway.

At the time it was announced, then Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg vowed to hit the unvaccinated with “penalties” if they still refused to get the jab, while asserting that they should “suffer.”

Given that some technocrats are asserting that the vaccination program will never end, the initial one year prison sentence for vaccine refusniks could be just the beginning.

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All-cause mortality in Germany is rapidly rising

By Alex Berenson | December 10, 2021

During the second half of November Germany – the largest country in Europe – had a death rate almost 25% above normal, compared to 17% above normal in the first half of the month.

These extra deaths are mostly NOT from Covid.

For all of November, Germany reported almost 15,000 extra deaths. Excess deaths were almost normal in the spring and early summer; they have sharply risen since then.

Germany’s mass vaccination campaign for most adults began late. On May 1, only 8 percent of German adults were fully vaccinated. On September 1, 61 percent were.

Is anyone even going to start asking questions, or are the public health authorities just too scared of what the answers might be?


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Details of massacres against Palestinians revealed in classified Israeli documents

An elderly Palestinian and a child during the Nakba [Hanini/Wikipedia]

An elderly Palestinian and a child can be seen during the Nakba in 1948 [Hanini/Wikipedia]
MEMO | December 10, 2021

Israeli government discussions on the massacres perpetrated by Israeli soldiers in 1948 were declassified for the first time this week in an investigative report published by Haaretz and the Akevot Institute for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Research.

Entitled, Classified Docs Reveal Massacres of Palestinians in ’48 – and What Israeli Leaders Knew, the report exposes two large-scale operations launched by the army in October 1948, one based in the south, known as Operation Yoav, which opened a road to the Negev; and another in the north, Operation Hiram.

As part of the latter, within 30 hours Israeli soldiers attacked dozens of Palestinian villages, forcefully expelling tens of thousands of Palestinian residents, while thousands of others fled.

Nearly 120,000 Palestinians, including the elderly, women and children resided in the area, however, following Israel’s massacre only 30,000 Palestinians were left.

“Within less than three days, the IDF [army] had conquered the Galilee and also extended its reach into villages in southern Lebanon. The overwhelming majority of them took no part in the fighting,” reported Haaretz.

The investigation also revealed accounts regarding previously unknown massacres that took place in the villages of Al-Reineh, just north of Nazareth, Meron and in Al-Burj.

Before the brutal attacks against Palestinians during Operation Hiram, the village of Al-Burj, presently known as Modi’in Illit, a large ultra-Orthodox settlement in the occupied West Bank, was raided in July 1948.

According to a document found in the Yad Yaari Archive, four elderly men remained in the village after its capture. “Hajj Ibrahim, who helped out in the military kitchen, a sick elderly woman and another elderly man and elderly woman.”

Eight days after the village was raided by Israeli occupation forces, Ibrahim was sent on an errand to pick vegetables by an Israeli soldier, in order to keep him away from the atrocity the soldiers were ready to commit.

“The three others were taken to an isolated house. Afterward an anti-tank shell was fired. When the shell missed the target, six hand grenades were thrown into the house. They killed an elderly man and woman, and the elderly woman was put to death with a firearm,” according to the document.

“Afterward they torched the house and burned the three bodies. When Hajj Ibrahim returned with his guard, he was told that the three others had been sent to the hospital in Ramallah. Apparently he didn’t believe the story, and a few hours later he too was put to death, with four bullets,” added the document.

The declassified State Archives also consist of several pages of minutes from those years, including the testimony of Shmuel Mikunis, a member of the Provisional State Council (predecessor to the Knesset) from the Communist Party, who reported on the atrocities perpetrated in the Meron region.

Mikunis requested clarification from former Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion about acts that had been carried out by members of the Jewish terrorist group, Irgun.

According to the declassified documents, “A. They annihilated with a machine gun 35 Arabs who had surrendered to that company with a white flag in their hands. B. They took as captives peaceful residents, among them women and children, ordered them to dig a pit, pushed them into it with long French bayonets and shot the unfortunates until they were all murdered. There was even a woman with an infant in her arms. C. Arab children of about 13-14 who were playing with grenades were all shot. D. A girl of about 19-20 was raped by men from Altalena [an Irgun unit]; afterward she was stabbed with a bayonet and a wooden stick was thrust into her body.”

The declassified documents, investigated in Haartez’s report also includes details on the Hula massacre in Lebanon and the depopulated Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. Though the report is lengthy, the paper highlights that many more details remain unknown; “This is not surprising, considering how much material remains locked away in the archives,” it explained.

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Did Vladimir Putin Call Off Invasion in Fear of This British Lady’s Tank Commanding Skills?

Anti-Empire | December 10, 2021

The moderately elevated Russian concentration of forces opposite of Ukraine remains in place, but further escalation seems to have been averted so far.

There could be two reasons for this. One is that President Joe Biden, the head of the American Empire, has told Putin that he will look into addressing Russia’s concerns and get back to him.

The other possibility is that the Kremlin took one look at Liz Truss’ tank commanding skills and decided the Russian military didn’t stand a chance.

Visiting Estonia and the eight hundred British troops there Truss took the opportunity to ride a British Challenger II tank.

This was likened to an episode in 1986 when Margaret Thatcher rode a Challenger I in West Germany. However, at the time, Thatcher was a Prime Minister and as such was the army’s boss. The photo-op may have been a little cringy, but it was just Thatcher mingling with a bureaucracy she had jurisdiction over.

Truss meanwhile is the Foreign Secretary in charge of the British Foreign Office alone. She is not in the chain of command and has no authority over the military.

Some would even say that having precisely your chief diplomat ride around in a tank is especially tacky.

This leads us to believe the only reason Truss was allowed to do such a thing is because she is secretly an insanely skilled tank commander.

Eastern Front tank commander

Perhaps the real reason we have not seen an escalation is that the Russians feared a Truss-led spoiling attack from Estonia if they started any funny business in the south. It’s a story as old as time. An evil dictator with a massive army launches an invasion only to be defeated by a middle-aged lady in a heavy cavalry charge. I think there’s a Sabaton song just about that.

Wisely Putin held back the armies of Mordor.

Putin can only wish his chief diplomat was an equally accomplished tank commander. Instead, Sergey Lavrov’s expertise encompasses diplomacy alone.

Sergey Lavrov has never been photographed riding a tank. Lame.

In fact, Truss’ intersectional expertise stretches out into the sea. There is reason to believe she is also an expert reserve Admiral:

That should keep the Chinese deterred as well!

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Covid Hypocrites Caught Red-Handed

By Tom Woods | Principia Scientific International | December 10, 2021

It’s high school all over again. Remember those people who just had to be in the in crowd, no matter what?

They would act and dress and speak however they needed to in order to be in that crowd.

Well, that’s apparently how society itself is run.

The elites push ideas that increase their power. And the huge number of people desperate for acceptance and respectability and social status simply accept them. No evidence or reason necessary.

They will believe whatever they need to believe, whenever they need to believe it.

And if you dissent? Then just the way they socially punished the unpopular kids, they’ll jump on the bandwagon to destroy a heretic like you.

Ask one of these people: do you hold a single opinion that would surprise me? Is there any important question on which you disagree with Whoopi Goldberg?

I would love to ask students applying to Ivy League universities: name one opinion you hold that could make you unpopular.

I doubt they could name even one.

I mention this because of the enormous number of people, famous and obscure alike, one can find on social media who a year ago were denouncing the “Trump vaccine,” and who now want to exclude from society anyone who declines it.

Now you may say, “Well, they’ve since heard medical authorities approving the vaccines, so that’s the difference.” If that were indeed the difference, then I guess by their own logic they owe Trump an apology. I haven’t seen any.

There’s a Twitter account that follows people like this and shows how readily they abandon one view for the opposite one, depending on what happens to be socially acceptable. A sample:

Siskind is a real treat. Even though the account that compiles items like the above does nothing but publish screenshots, she called on people to report it as a hub of “disinformation.”

How screenshots could be disinformation, I can’t imagine. I guess ol’ Amy was embarrassed being singled out as a hypocrite.

Here she is calling on people to report the account that noted her weird shift on vaccines:

Same goes for the travel bans under Trump and Biden. (The other day, Fauci could not explain why this travel ban had been implemented, given that there were zero Omicron cases in most of the African countries targeted.) I could reproduce hundreds of these, but here’s a sample:

Header image: New York Post

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Blame the unvaccinated!

Basic morality on life-support across the western world

Health Advisory & Recory Team | December 9, 2021

The past week has seen a deliberate stirring up of hatred towards the ‘unvaccinated’ across mainstream media outlets. The mission to divide society and to shame and coerce those who have chosen not to take these experimental injections, is reaching horrifying new lows.

The Sunday Times decided to go with the headline: ‘Doctors and nurses vent anger as unvaccinated Covid cases delay vital operations.’  These doctors and nurses always appear to be nameless, unable to personally stand by their words.

Meanwhile in the Guardian we have the cheerful headline : ‘I dread Christmas. My husband won’t get jabbed’: The families split over Covid vaccines as they plan holiday gatherings.’ It seems the divide and conquer directive is alive and well in the Guardian editorial office.

Then on Monday, TV ‘celebrity’ doctor Hillary Jones announced on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show that “90 per cent of the people that are in hospital are unvaccinated”. This was quite simply untrue, yet the damage is instantly done and cannot be corrected easily in the minds of millions of anxious viewers, even if an admission of wrongdoing is eventually made. Hearteningly, ITV was inundated with thousands of complaints, backed up by government data.

More chilling still was the Prime Minister himself during yesterday’s press conference saying:

‘I want to be absolutely clear here, I don’t believe we can keep going indefinitely with non-pharmaceutical interventions – I mean restrictions on people’s way of life – just because a substantial proportion of the population sadly has not got vaccinated. I think we’re going to have a national conversation about the way forward.’

Qualified as we all are now in the government’s favoured psychological ‘nudge’ techniques, it seems fairly obvious what he is alluding to here: the vaccinated won’t get their freedoms back unless we ‘encourage’ (blackmail?) the unvaccinated to jump on board the injection train. A merry-go-round would perhaps be a more fitting descriptive, considering the frequency of re-uptake required. Even though Johnson himself has stated that the vaccines don’t stop you getting or passing on the disease – a position backed up by real-world data – we live in such a post-truth world that we are now in danger of losing any semblance of rationality altogether.

These lockstep campaigns across the mainstream news to malign the ‘unvaccinated’ (whatever that might mean now) are trying to create a division that most of the public don’t support. GMB ran a poll on Twitter asking the provocative question ‘with omicron cases doubling every two days, is it time to make vaccines mandatory?‘ They swiftly deleted the poll when the result, with over 40,000 votes, was not the one they presumably had hoped for (89% ‘no’ versus 11% ‘yes’).

It would seem they are desperate to blame the unvaccinated in order to hide the fact that it is the vaccinated who make up the overwhelming majority of hospitalised patients. For some unfathomable reason, people have shown that they trust the media. Quite where this trust comes from is difficult to understand, as most people would probably say they do not believe everything they hear on TV. When it comes to covid however, there seems to be the mythical belief that there is a factory of ‘truth guardians’ making sure everything that is aired or printed is 100% factually accurate, when with increasing regularity, nothing could be further from the truth. The financial interests who own the media, also own the prevailing narrative. This video is one of the most striking visual representations of this phenomenon.

We could argue all day long about the scientific inconsistencies in this bizarre desire to demonise the unvaccinated, but we do not need to even venture down that path. The ‘othering’ of a minority group of people who, for whatever reason, do not wish to take these experimental vaccines, is discriminatory and it is very simply morally wrong. In 2019 almost everyone would have agreed with this. Now, it seems that this idea needs to be debated, which of course, it does not. We must all start to undo the spell of a cult-like allegiance to a vaccine ideology, that has been created almost entirely by a bought media over the past 20 months. Its nothing but brain-washing and must stop before our society ends up in very murky waters. History repeatedly tells us that segregating minority groups is never justifiable and should be stopped now before it is normalised. A simple cure might be for everyone in the UK to unplug the television for a few weeks and read a few books instead – preferably ones written before 2020.

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You Must Obey!

By Will Jones • The Daily Sceptic • December 9, 2021

At school I remember the best teachers. More so when I look back from the benefit of experience in judging who to trust.

There are some teachers, leaders or rulers who are prepared to give the time and the respect to answer the most seemingly dumb or obvious questions with an open mind and from the viewpoint of understanding that the individual concerned wishes to learn and hopefully, as a consequence, make the right decisions in life.

A bad educator might respond to a person lacking experience or certain knowledge with impatience and a ticking off for asking ‘such a silly question’. But in my school days I look back and remember that some of the questions young children were asking were actually brilliant.

Likewise, a bad teacher or ruler may provide an answer that is either black or white or an answer that is definitive and not open to question. Time has told us that many of the so-called facts that we once learned turn out to be wrong or not as clear-cut as we thought. So a heavy dose of humility and acceptance of human ‘expert’ ignorance is a fine thing and I guess it is why the great philosopher Socrates said “A wise person understands that he knows nothing”.

What we could do with seeing and hearing on mainstream media is that, despite our incredible achievements, we humans are merely tinkerers or dabblers in the grand scheme of things. As humans we cannot make a single human cell from the basic elements. We can use stem cells, we can clone or culture biological tissue to produce more of the same. But give scientists all the basic ingredients that make human life and ask them to make one ‘simple’ skin cell from scratch and they will be stumped. Making an organ? Never in a million years. And getting organs to function in the mind-boggling harmony that it does (in what physiologists terms ‘homeostasis’) should make all of us question our attitude that we know how to control and medicate our way to health beyond what has already been provided in the process of natural development.

This process of natural development, though fallible, always seems to win out in the broadest way in the end. We may now be able to build from scratch the most sophisticated robot that a few years ago might have seemed impossible but a human being is infinitely and more bewilderingly complicated. So we should be honest about this and tell the public, with regard to tackling an airborne virus, that there is infinitely more we don’t know than we do actually know. Any action taken that is different from the ways we used to tackle such issues have unknown consequences, some or many of which may make things worse – how much worse, we do not know. Actions that we used to take like staying at home to recover when ill and doing our best to prevent such illnesses through exercise and diet was the simple, common sense approach. Ensuring we had adequate healthcare staffing, isolation wards and surplus provision for viral outbreaks and emergencies another.

So when I listen to politicians and their expert advisors dictate and instruct in the way that has been all too familiar in the last two years it only confirms my suspicion that they may have made catastrophically bad decisions.

“There is no debate,” they seem to say. “You are to follow these lockdown measures and have this medication because it is obviously good for you and there is little or no more to discuss so don’t ask any silly questions or be in any way sceptical. And do as you are told. You really ought to be sensible and obey. I’m sorry but if you decide not to conform you will be severely punished.”

This is the way, with the benefit of some experience in observing bad teachers, I believe the current rulers and their expert advisors are acting. But then again I could be wrong.

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Andrew Neil: “It’s Time To PUNISH Vaccine Refuseniks”

By Richie Allen | December 10, 2021

The establishment has never had a greater gatekeeper than Andrew Neil. He’s edited the Sunday Times, been the chairman of SKY TV, chaired Press Holdings Media Group and spent a quarter of a century fronting flagship news shows for the BBC.

Neil was head cheerleader for Britain’s involvement in Afghanistan. He described opponents of military intervention there as; “wimps, with no will to fight.”

He used his columns and tv programmes to champion the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Writing for Scotland on Sunday in September 2002 Neil said that Saddam Hussein had:

“embarked on a worldwide shopping spree to buy the technology and material needed to construct weapons of mass destruction and the missile systems needed to deliver them across great distances…. the suburbs of Baghdad are now dotted with secret installations, often posing as hospitals or schools, developing missile fuel, bodies and guidance systems, chemical and biological warheads and, most sinister of all, a renewed attempt to develop nuclear weapons.”

Neil KNEW that this was undiluted bullshit, but he printed it anyway.

During that time he referred to The Guardian as “The Daily Terrorist.” In short, Andrew Neil is a rancid, rotten scumbag. Writing in today’s Daily Mail, he called for the punishment of the unjabbed.

Last night I took a friend out to dinner near my home in the South of France. At the restaurant door we were politely asked for our vaccine passports, the QR codes on our smartphones were scanned and we were ushered to our table.

The check had taken seconds — a very minor inconvenience when a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic is sweeping across the Continent.

There was a sense of safety in knowing that all the other diners had proved themselves to be fully vaccinated, or had very recently tested negative, or had contracted the virus and recovered.

Cheerleading illegal wars that killed millions of people earned him a home in the South of France. How nice for him. He goes on:

There are still 5 million unvaccinated British adults, who through fear, ignorance, irresponsibility or sheer stupidity refuse to be jabbed. In doing so they endanger not just themselves but the rest of us.

If they contract Covid, it is they who will put the biggest strain on the NHS, denying the rest of us with serious non-Covid ailments the treatment that is our right. We are all paying a heavy price for this hard core of the unvaccinated.

As long as they can be numbered in the millions, the nation will remain unnecessarily vulnerable to the latest variant, meaning more lockdowns, more restrictions on our lives, more lost jobs, more failing business, less economic growth — all of which will follow the Government’s introduction of its so-called Plan B of enhanced restrictions this week.

Of course, there is a small number of people who, for medical reasons, cannot be vaccinated. Those in that category can be identified and helped with regular testing to make sure they’re Covid-free.

But for the rest it is simply selfish not to be vaccinated. We all have a responsibility to act in ways that don’t just protect our own health but also that of others.

Neil went on to say that he’s not in favour of mandatory vaccination, but:

As it stands, the unvaccinated are making more restrictions on our lives inevitable. It is time we imposed some on them.

In a free society the unvaccinated have a right not be jabbed. But they need to realise that right comes with consequences, which will inhibit their freedoms as they constrain ours.

One final thought. Singapore has decided that the unvaccinated who end up in hospital with Covid will have to foot their own medical bills.

I doubt we’d ever go that far. But you can see the logic — even the morality — of it.

By all means exercise your rights. But beware of the consequences.

Andrew Neil remains a worthless, warmongering whore.

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Geert Vanden Bossche warns of COVID vaccination catastrophe

The Highwire with Del Bigtree | November 18, 2021

In an historic interview for The HighWire, host Del Bigtree sits down with Vaccinologist, Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., D.V.M., to hear Geert’s dire warning about mass Covid vaccination of children, and the catastrophe which may follow:


HealthImpactNews | December 3, 2021

Great video compilation proving that Fauci, Gates, the CDC have lied about the effectiveness of the COVID-19 shots, that are raking in $BILLIONS for Gates and Big Pharma:

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