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Covid Hypocrites Caught Red-Handed

By Tom Woods | Principia Scientific International | December 10, 2021

It’s high school all over again. Remember those people who just had to be in the in crowd, no matter what?

They would act and dress and speak however they needed to in order to be in that crowd.

Well, that’s apparently how society itself is run.

The elites push ideas that increase their power. And the huge number of people desperate for acceptance and respectability and social status simply accept them. No evidence or reason necessary.

They will believe whatever they need to believe, whenever they need to believe it.

And if you dissent? Then just the way they socially punished the unpopular kids, they’ll jump on the bandwagon to destroy a heretic like you.

Ask one of these people: do you hold a single opinion that would surprise me? Is there any important question on which you disagree with Whoopi Goldberg?

I would love to ask students applying to Ivy League universities: name one opinion you hold that could make you unpopular.

I doubt they could name even one.

I mention this because of the enormous number of people, famous and obscure alike, one can find on social media who a year ago were denouncing the “Trump vaccine,” and who now want to exclude from society anyone who declines it.

Now you may say, “Well, they’ve since heard medical authorities approving the vaccines, so that’s the difference.” If that were indeed the difference, then I guess by their own logic they owe Trump an apology. I haven’t seen any.

There’s a Twitter account that follows people like this and shows how readily they abandon one view for the opposite one, depending on what happens to be socially acceptable. A sample:

Siskind is a real treat. Even though the account that compiles items like the above does nothing but publish screenshots, she called on people to report it as a hub of “disinformation.”

How screenshots could be disinformation, I can’t imagine. I guess ol’ Amy was embarrassed being singled out as a hypocrite.

Here she is calling on people to report the account that noted her weird shift on vaccines:

Same goes for the travel bans under Trump and Biden. (The other day, Fauci could not explain why this travel ban had been implemented, given that there were zero Omicron cases in most of the African countries targeted.) I could reproduce hundreds of these, but here’s a sample:

Header image: New York Post

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  1. They say that the first signs of covid are loss of sense of smell and taste. The first signs of vaccination (apart from death and injury) are loss of common sense, common decency and an increase in hubris. Looks like the examples in the article have been well and truly vaccinated.


    Comment by Bill Francis | December 11, 2021 | Reply

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