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Covidian migration patterns

el gato malo – bad cattitude – december 24, 2021

these graphics are from longtime gatopal™ kbirb who has done so much excellent analysis lo these 21 months.

these are especially great.

let’s look:

(note this is only thru july 2021 and seems to be ongoing and is likely larger by now)

well, that’s not terribly ambiguous, is it? (though based on everything i’ve seen in the mountain west, net migration there looks strongly positive)

we can see that if we get more granular:

big winners: the free states of florida, texas, arizona

big losers: the karentopias of california, new york, illinois

this really speaks volumes.

red v blue gets extreme:

and it sure looks like “access to education” is a major driver.

though this graphic (from NYT ) has interesting overlay too.

speaking as one who spent the summer in a free state only to return to the assault and dingbattery of a masked up, restricted, and vaxxpassed puerto rico, it is JARRING.

once you see that this is not really a thing, that life is normal in half the country, and that continuing to play this game or even care about it is utterly optional, there is no closing your eyes again.

you cannot go back to a mask mandate grocery store and not see all these people as having mental health issues (or at the very least some sort of societal spinal atrophy that renders them unable to support a republic.)

half the people i know are talking about leaving PR. it’s become intolerable, especially once you have seen the options firsthand. hearing the same about new york, SF, LA, etc.

it’s just endless and capricious and increasingly aimed at deliberately making life miserable for any who refuse to comply. this round feels personal. “all you have to do to make the persecution end is comply!” it’s an oppressively ubiquitous mantra and the “jim covid” laws are entering every phase of life.

but one trip to florida and the spell breaks.

you realize you’re being conned because you see it first hand and remember.

maybe you moved there because you wanted your kids to see the inside of a classroom at some point before 2024.

this derangement is going to seriously redraw some american maps.

the damage is not the pandemic, it’s the policy. that’s why this is divided so starkly by donkey vs elephant. covid has been a political, not an epidemiological crisis and remains one.

and the more we can support state’s rights and thereby create more and more varied choice for people to pursue their happiness, the more this flow will become a torrent.

hopefully the last people out of the karen-capitals will remember to turn off the lights when they leave…

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