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Israeli authorities remove original name of neighborhood in occupied Haifa

Quds News Network | December 25, 2021

Occupied Haifa – The Israeli municipality of the 1948-occupied city of Haifa has removed the original Palestinian name of Wadi Al Jimal neighborhood and refused to add it to signs and official documents, replacing it with the Hebrew name ‘Ein Hayam’.

The Israeli move sparked outrage among residents of the neighborhood, who are all native Palestinians.

Wadi Al Jimal is located in the southwest of Mount Carmel in occupied Haifa. It was constructed in the second half of the 19th century by native Palestinians.

Over 3000 Palestinians live in the neighborhood, which was a main station for travelers from Syria and Lebanon to Egypt before the city was occupied by zionists in 1951.

Israeli right-wingers have been pushing towards removing the neighborhood’s name since 2016.

‘Israel’ changed the names of most of the cities and villages that it occupied, however, Palestinians could keep the names of many places.

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  1. Talk about “wiping Israel off the map” this is another covert and disgraceful example of Israel wiping Palestine off the map. And not just Palestine, that’s already decimated, but also the Palestinian people and any vestige of their long and civilized history. This is unbridled Human Rights abuse by a racist dictatorship. Israel’s name should be changed to reflect its true nature: ‘The Israeli Dictatorship’ or the ‘Zionist Stranglehold over Palestine’ or ‘The Khazar Apartheid Criminal Entity’ or the ‘Land-grabbing Squatter Colony of Genocidal War Criminals’.


    Comment by jbthring | December 26, 2021 | Reply

    • I vote for ‘Land-grabbing Squatter Colony of Genocidal War Criminals’.


      Comment by aletho | December 26, 2021 | Reply

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