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Twitter Suspends mRNA Inventor Dr. Robert Malone

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge | December 29, 2021

After months of providing valuable Covid-19 information that runs counter to the official narrative, Twitter has finally banned Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology.

Malone, who will appear on the Joe Rogan show Thursday according to associate Ed Dowd (one of four contributors to the Malone doctrine), had more than 520,000 followers. He has been an outspoken critic of both mRNA vaccines, as well as the abysmal failures of policymakers worldwide in responding to the pandemic.

He was not warned or provided an opportunity to delete any offending tweets – instead he was “just suspended,” Dowd continued.

Here’s Malone’s last tweet – sharing an article which claims that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine does ‘more harm than good.’

Malone can still be followed via his substack page.

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  1. Free speech you say…? In the elecronic gulag? My oh my how terribly naive. How many alternative social media “soapboxes” are there out there where one can stand up and say one’s piece? More than enough to never require this Linkedin …clued out BS propaganda organ of a dying, cancerous bullhorn spouting raw sewage from our oppressors.

    But… but… but ….. if you use the coin of the realm of darkness then why bitch when the pedovore satanic filth determine what you are allowed to buy with it? Get away from Scheissberg’s Fecesbook, Al CIAduh’s Goggle, Twatter, EweTueb that idiot “safe” space where the sheeple bleat and all the media of evil that have led the naked ape to this current predicament. These swamps of evil and perversion are only allowed to have importance and function when you and others give it to them. Say NO to the purveyors of filth and the prurient interest, the disease they have spread and all the machines that they employ. My goodness but how obvious must it be before the hand held thingy jabbing mutton finally understand that the entire covaid$ Qr nightmare is something they themselves have conjured from the darkness as they brainlessly stumble and jab their silicon chipped half-lives in the ongoing dystopia?

    Otherwise kill your diabolic “smart” phone or shut up already. If you can’t do something that simple yourself, as one who claims to “get it”, then why should you expect the herd not to willfully poison itself considering they are no longer in control of anything in their miserable existences other than shoving stuff in their facial orifice or squeezing shit out their sphincter end as the case may be, in between perusing their “smart” phone smut and kitty litter videos, as they proudly and dutifully exhibit their covaids death squirt status Qr code to every jackbooted robopig thug that demands compliance as they go about their shameful and soon to be terminated lives…all in the prurient interest of course of the demons that unleashed this genocide and “watched over by machines of love and grace”.

    “Just as Gates installed an operating system in our computers, now the vision is to install an operating system in our bodies and use “viruses” to mandate an initial installation followed by regular updates. Now I appreciate why Gates and his colleagues want to call these technologies “vaccines.” If they can persuade the body politic that injectable credit cards or injectable surveillance trackers or injectable brain-machine interface nanotechnologies are “vaccines,” then they can enjoy the protection of a century or more of legal decisions and laws that support their efforts to mandate what they want to do.”
    Catherine Austin Fitts 


    Comment by planetsheeple | December 30, 2021 | Reply

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