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‘Post Pandemic Stress Disorder’: We have now reached the “cover up” stage of the vaccination campaign

el gato malo – bad cattitude – december 3, 2021

THIS is just staggering in its predatory mendacity.

there is not a shred of evidence to support it nor any remotely plausible reason to even put forward such a hypothesis.

frankly, it’s patently absurd and has no precedent in other stressful events. being bombed nightly during the blitz did not cause this.

this is a desperate lie from a desperate class of state run doctors desperate to shift the blame for that which they have wrought.

nothing more.

you can tell a lot about what people are afraid of when they start answering questions that were not really asked.

it goes double when the answers don’t make any sense.

there is no question that lockdowns, social alienation and ostracization, etc have caused piles of mental health problems. this is what makes it a great smokescreen. but there is no way that’s translating to heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and myo- and pericarditis in young people like this. it doesn’t do that (or at least not to any meaningful extent).

what DOES do that are these vaccines. and it concentrates MOST in the young and, seemingly, in athletes.

these truths are gaining currency. this is a clear counter-lie/backfire set to try to head them off and provide a false explanation for these increasingly unavoidably obvious outcomes.

there is a point where one cannot plead incompetence any longer, a line across which one becomes deliberately pernicious and predatory and seeks to lie to save their own hide at the expense of others.

reasonable people might argue about where that is.

but this is WAY over that line. it’s pure propaganda and cannot even be couched as “it’s for their own good.” this is an attempt to mask and shift the cause of serious harm while allowing that harm to continue.

it’s just the next extension of this already failing lie: (previously debunked HERE)

it’s really very simple. this heart risk outcome has become too prevalent to hide. so they need to shift the blame and they are willing to lie to the people and keep harming them to do so.


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