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Twitter bans popular account highlighting Nancy Pelosi stock trades, @NancyTracker

Twitter purges another account that scrutinizes powerful figures

By Tom Parker | Reclaim The Net | December 8, 2021

Twitter has booted @NancyTracker, a popular account that documented Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s stock trades and drew attention to the millions of dollars she and her husband have generated through trading.

The account had over 200,000 followers when it was banned. Some of its most popular tweets highlighted that Pelosi’s role as a government official gives her access to “insider information” and noted that Pelosi’s returns have significantly outpaced both the market and some of the world’s best investors.

@NancyTracker was created by The Free Press Report which also created the largest Ghislaine Maxwell trial tracker account, @TrackerTrial.

Twitter suspended both accounts earlier today and claimed that The Free Press Foundation had broken its rules against “platform manipulation and spam.” It also referenced rules that prohibit artificially amplifying or suppressing information.

However, The Free Press Foundation pushed back against Twitter by saying that all of the @TrackerTrial’s engagement was “organic” and that “there was not outside amplification.”

In October, less than two months before the accounts were suspended, @NancyTracker said it had received “a cease and desist order from a lawyer representing someone high up in the [Political] office.”

“I will not name names. And I will also not cease or desist,” @NancyTracker added at the time.

The Free Press Report is urging fans of the @NancyTracker account to follow it on free speech social network Gab and has already built an audience of tens of thousands of followers on the platform.

Filmmaker Daniel Bostic described the censorship of the @NancyTracker account as a “full on authoritarian crackdown just days after Dorsey leaves.”

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stepped down on November 29 and was replaced by Parag Agrawal. Since being appointed CEO, Agrawal has faced scrutiny for his past comments that Twitter’s role is “not to be bound by the First Amendment” and that he wished Twitter had censored some content sooner.

Investor and Bitcoin commentator Anthony Pompliano also suggested that the censorship was linked to Agrawal by highlighting that the accounts had been suspended and tweeting: “New Twitter CEO seems to be having a busy week.”

The censorship of these popular accounts is the latest in a wave of Twitter censorship that has occurred since Agrawal took the reigns. A link to the American Heart Association website was recently flagged as “unsafe” and numerous accounts have been suspended after Twitter announced new rules that ban the sharing of photos or videos of people without their permission.

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  1. Nancy Pelosi is like a muttering cadaver. How can she have the intelligence to invest? Answer: she whispers in her husband’s ear about pending legislation: Presto! Caching!

    She herself would recommend investing in chocolate ice cream, as shown when she threw open the doors to her treasure trove in her refrigerator/freezer, estimated to maybe cost @20,000.

    In that interview, she’s so charming. Speaks pretty coherently. About chocolate ice cream.

    But ever watched her deliver a speech or respond to a question?

    Imagine her and Biden talking about some really important matter, such as whether vanilla ice cream is tastier than chocolate ice cream.

    Switch to Kamala Harris, cackling about her preference, puffin’ the spliff, ’cause, well, she’s Jamaican: “Half my family’s from Jamaica — are you kidding me?”

    So, one more scenario to imagine: a heart attack and suddenly she’s the President of the United States of America. Imagine her being advised by Nancy “The Cadaver” Pelosi.


    Comment by michael | December 9, 2021 | Reply

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