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Bavaria Inches Closer to a Vaccine Mandate for Public Sector Employees

eugyppius | December 2, 2021

This one cuts fairly close to home for me.

Employees of the Free State of Bavaria who work in hospitals, universities and related areas have now been asked to submit proof of vaccination. Those who refuse will be required to present the results of two self-financed PCR tests every week, or face termination. The PCR tests of course are expensive and an enormous hassle, and the requirement has nothing to do with preventing infection. All state offices are also subject to so-called 3G rules; unvaccinated employees who aren’t telecommuting already have to submit negative antigen tests every day.

In response to this absurd legal harassment, an employee of the Institute of Pathology of the LMU Faculty of Medicine, here in Munich, released a brief internet video pointing out the boundless absurdity of the new rules:

In less than five minutes, she catalogued all the obvious absurdities we have confronted for months: Corona deaths are a small portion of overall mortality right now; problems with hospital capacity arise from staffing shortages, not Corona; the new rules, which harass unvaccinated healthcare personnel with de facto weekly fines of around 150 Euros, will only make these staffing shortages worse.

After her video had racked up thousands of views, Ludwig Maximilians-Universität, her employer, released this astounding statement:

LMU was surprised today to learn of an online video posted by an employee of the Institute of Pathology at the Faculty of Medicine. LMU distances itself in the strongest possible terms from the video contents, and point out that filming or posting video on LMU premises for private purposes and without permission is forbidden. The employee in question has already been banned from the premises; she has also been released from official duties with immediate effect. A termination without notice is also in process. Today’s circumstances require everyone’s prudence and consideration to help the sick as far as possible and to support overburdened healthcare staff. Disseminating videos such as this is surely no help in this regard.

Social media is full of videos taken “on LMU premises for private purposes”; no few of them are histrionic hospital staff hyperventilating about what a crisis Corona is. All that’s fine, but a brief video taken in an empty mortuary is grounds for immediate termination and banning from the university.

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