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Can you Handle the Truth? (If we Tolerate this, then our Children will be Next)

Out of the Mouths of Babes (An Unexpected Lesson in Truth)

By Greg Maybury | Pox Amerikana | November 28, 2021

As you can see my handle is Greg Maybury. Who I am is not that important. But my message is. I’ve a story to tell, and in doing so I’m going to draw on both my professional and personal experience. I hope what follows resonates with some folks.

First, a bit of humour to get us going, if only because if we lose that, we’re really done. In one of my previous lives I was a high school teacher (an experience I’ll touch on again later). Back in those days I had some hair, and according to many folks I could’ve passed for Jack Nicholson’s kid brother. This resemblance didn’t go unnoticed by my students at the time. The would often dine out on this by joking about it, occasionally improvising some of Jack the Lad’s more infamous lines whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Now mostly this was done so as to get a laugh or two from their classmates, ‘take the piss’ out of yours truly, as well as I suspect to distract me from my sense of mission. Which as a teacher was to get the lazy buggers to do some work on occasion! There was a time when one of my more work-shy charges ran out of excuses for why he’d not finished a certain task. In semi-mock exasperation, I began giving him grief. Saying something like: “I’m sick of your lame excuses mate. Why not just tell me the truth for once? You’re a lazy sod, and can’t be arsed!”

Big mistake on my part. Without missing a beat, this kid stood up behind his desk, leaned forward with a cheeky grin and just the right touch of dramatic flourish (and right away I saw what was coming). He bellowed to ensure everyone heard: “Mistar Maybury, you can’t handle the truth!”, copping the indelible line—and mimicking to a tee the demeanour and the emphasis—Nicholson himself used in the hit movie “A Few Good Men”, then doing the rounds in the cinemas.

By this time the class was in uproar. This was not helped by my own inability to stifle the stupid grin on my own dial, even if the ‘comeback’ came at my own expense. Talk about a “Come in spinner!” moment for your humble. It was hard to beat. (As a reward I resolved never to ask the kid again whether he’d finished an activity I’d assigned him. To this day over twenty years later I expect he’s still dining out on the story with all his mates down at the pub in between lockdowns!)

Anyway lest the point of this yarn be lost on anyone, let me move a bit closer to the purpose of this post. Right from the off we have to ask ourselves, “Can we handle the truth?” of what’s going on with this so-called pandemic, this inflated crisis, this beyond purgatorial Malice in Plunderland pantomime which is playing havoc with our world?

Can we handle the truth about what is being done to our friends and families? Our personal and professional relationships? Our communities? Our schools? Our hospitals? Our social and support networks? Our businesses? Our workplaces? Our lives and lifestyles? Our economy? Our country? And last but not least, can we truly handle the truth about what’s happening to our freedoms under our very noses?

You all know what I’m talking about here: The very things that our parents’, our grandparents’, and our great grandparents’ generations were told (or presumed) they were fighting for when they either volunteered or were conscripted to go and fight, kill and/or die in every war since the Boer War going back over 120 years ago. In all these cases they were ‘making the world safe for democracy’ or some propagandist’s mutant variant of the theme, when in truth that was only half the story. They fought, killed, and/or died to “make the world safe” to be sure, but it wasn’t for democracy as such, not as we know it.

It was in fact ‘deocracy’ they were fighting and killing and dying for. This is an obscure political doctrine with which I’ll wager few are familiar. Put simply: If we take the “m” out of democracy, this is what we end up with. A “deocracy” is

‘committed only to the insatiable drive and hunger for maintaining its ascendancy… [A]ll variant of tyrannies and dictatorships rather of a political, economical, social, religious and/or cultural disposition are in essence a form of deocracy.’

That in essence my friends, is the “end-point” for the New Normalites, the Great Presetters (sic), whose hubris and whose pretensions to omnipotence rival that of your preferred deity. An “end-point” which is no less than a barren, lonely, soulless, heartless, disconnected, enervating, mindless, submissive void. And the awe-inspiring tragedy of it all? It could well be one very much of our own making! If that is we continue to acquiesce to their pretensions.

Now I don’t need to bang on too much about those “freedoms”; if you’ve come this far you all have a pretty clear idea of what the loss of those “freedoms” mean, what’s at stake if we allow them to be tampered with in the way they are so blatantly doing now! We do so not just at our own peril, but that of the next generation of Australians, and thereafter. To be sure, this isn’t just about Australia! Clearly many eyes are on us. People across the globe see us as a ‘bell-weather’ for their own futures. If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

However, we all still need to ask ourselves everyday: Can we really handle the truth about any or all of the above? Because what is being imposed on us is happening all under false pretences. It is being enforced by bullying bureaucrats, both elected and unelected, because politicians are little more than “bureaucrats” when it comes down to it! These people justify all this by telling us they are following the advice of technocrats and assorted “experts”. But we all know the definition of an “expert”: An “ex” is a ‘has-been’, and a “spert” is a drip under pressure!

The Difference Between (Truthers and Trusters)

The key point here is that these people do not—let’s rinse n’ repeat those two words, “do not”—have our interests at heart! They never did really. And they definitely do not now. They are “deocrats” in the purest sense of the concept. At the risk of being unkind, those folks who believe these people have our interests at heart need a check-up from the neck-up! To paraphrase Whitney Webb, one of my ‘go-to’ writers on such matters, in placing our trust in them—either implicitly or explicitly—we might as well hand our brains to the deocrats in a bag!

We need to soak up this cogent reality day in and day out. We must never forget from one sunrise to the next whilst this monstrous charade continues to play out, that for these people, “freedom” is a dirty word. At least our notion of freedom is.

Their own notion of “freedom” however is another matter: they have a far different definition of the word than we do. Their idea of “freedom” is on the one hand the unfettered “freedom” to take away from and/or deny us as many of our existing “freedoms” as they can get away with doing, and beyond that reserve the option of imposing new and even more draconian curbs on the few they begrudgingly leave us with. To rehash the very words of one of their glorified foot-soldiers cum mercenaries, a former CIA Director and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, theirs is the freedom to lie, to cheat, to steal. They “even have training courses!” Judging by all that is going down, those “courses” are very effective.

At the same time they are quietly (and not so) amassing for themselves ever greater “freedoms” to do whatever they like without any transparency, without accountability, without so much as a ‘by-your-leave’! Their constitution defying diktats, edicts, mandates, and arbitrarily imposed rules and regulations have nothing to do with our public health in general, or about preserving the personal health, well-being, and welfare of ourselves, our families, and our communities. As we have already seen, these diktats etc., are a moving feast anyway, being made up on the fly.

Ask yourself this question: When was the last time any of you heard a politician say?: “We have too much power in our hands. It’s time to give some of that power back to the punters who backed us into office!” Ask yourself who in fact do these politicians, bureaucrats, policy wonks, advisers, diplomats, experts, and technocrats work for? In whose interests and on whose behalf are they acting in formulating and implementing their ill-conceived, self-serving, destructive public proclamations and policies? I mean, if they’d gone out of their way to mismanage this bespoke crisis, they could not have done a better job. Ask yourself this question. How come the response to Covid was so synched across the globe, when “leaders” never agree on anything sans a lengthy, bitter debate?

Those amongst us who can’t seem to handle the truth about what’s happening to our country are of great concern to the rest of us. There are those who don’t want to know about what is the real driver of events! We all know people like that. They are all around us. Some aren’t returning our phone calls, or answering our emails. Others are perhaps at best tolerating our concerns, our doubts, our fears about what’s unfolding. Some have struck us off their dance card.

We should however, be patient with these people. Insofar as they will allow us to do so, we need to keep them on our dance-card. Let our peaceful, informed, calm, measured resistance be an example to them. Let it stand as a message to them. Perhaps at some point, an inspiration.

In recent posts I’ve referred to these people as “trusters”. They trust their political leaders. They trust the corporate, the establishment, the mainstream media. They trust the pharmaceutical companies and the regulatory agencies which ‘oversee’ them! They trust in what their professional bodies and their trade unions and their employers tell them. And in doing so they comply without question with their diktats, their edicts, their demands. When their own common sense, their own past experience should tell them there is no basis in reality for that “trust”. Yet in them they still “trust”—almost two years later!

As for those of us who are attuned to the larger, longer term agenda of the Covid Cultists—the aforesaid “New Normalites”—and are resisting it, I’ve referred to them as “truthers”! You all know who you are!

But there is a third group. And that “third group” is crucial for us to connect with if we wish to send a message to our respective state political leaders and legislators, to our Federal government and indeed, to all our political classes within this once great country right across the political spectrum.

That third group comprise the ones who aren’t as readily compliant or complacent as the trusters, and we all know people in this group too. These are people who do harbour grave concerns about the regime which the ‘Pandoras’ of the pandemic seek to impose on us. Perhaps they haven’t yet fully grasped the implications of their Grand Ambitions. But they smell a rat! They don’t really need the test results back from forensics to know there are carp in the cornflakes!

These are the people who are as yet undecided about what to do, which direction to head, how to respond. My belief is that this group far outweighs those “trusters”. If we can connect with them, we’re in with more than a half a chance. And we have to make a supreme effort to draw them into the fold.

To Those who Stand Tall in the Saddle (We Salute You)

Although this is directed to all, I wish to impart a special message to (and about) those people who have either lost their jobs or are at risk of losing them because you are taking a stand against this #NewNormal nonsense. Those in particular who’ve resigned rather than slip into the submissive void of that aforementioned tyranny earn my deep admiration and gratitude. We know many of them. There are many more we don’t know I suspect.

In particular, those countless folks in the medical and healthcare professions and the broader scientific community are to be greatly admired for the stand they have taken against the Big Machine of their respective bureaucracies. New ones are emerging each day. In their case it is the medical, academic, and public health bureaucracy; as we’ll see shortly, in my case it was the education bureaucracy. Same horse, different cowboy!

There’s no difference between these bureaucratic entities when it comes down to the wire. They are ruled by heartless, faceless, soulless, gutless facsimiles of real people. They spend most of their working and waking hours getting high on their own supply, kowtowing to their fly-by-night political masters when beckoned like ‘cap-in-hand’ courtiers in the courts of medieval kings, whilst building on the QT their own private little fiefdoms, their exclusive empires of enmity. They have consistently demonstrated they haven’t a ‘skerrick’ of interest in our health, safety, security, welfare, well-being, or in that of our families or our communities. Or our country! They are Quislings! Judas Goats! Traitors! Declarations I don’t make lightly.

They ‘mos def’ have no interest in anything remotely resembling democracy, freedom, the rule of law, or adhering to the spirit or letter of our Constitution or our basic civil and human rights. These bureaucrats as a rule are a mutant sub-species all unto their own! They have above all, no integrity, no empathy, no credibility. They treat us with disdain, with contempt, with malice aforethought! We should return the favour in spades.

These people are bought and paid for; they have sold whatever passed for a soul to that tiny, malevolent cabal of obscenely rich and insanely powerful people who, unseen and largely incognito, truly run this world in which we live. If you truly believe otherwise, a check-up from the neck-up might be in order! At no previous point in our history of which I am aware has all this ever been more obvious, more plain to see.

Notwithstanding the propaganda and the censorship to which we’re constantly being bombarded, such insight has never been more easily or readily confirmed by those who do wish to discover for themselves what we’re up against, who’s really leading the frontal assault on everything we hold dear, what their grand, nefarious ambitions are. The only way I see they can prevent this awakening is for them to shut down the internet (it’s on the cards), and herd us all into their internment camps. Which in case you haven’t been looking, they’re real, they’re up, and they’re operational!

As a former teacher of history, I can safely say all this. For that matter, as a former teacher of the only subject that really matters, I can just as safely say virtually everything I taught my students over the years is bollocks! Though I didn’t come to this realisation until well after I pulled up stumps as it were, yet still well before Covid reared its ugly head.

The emergence of this global pandemic ‘economy’—the Covid Thing—has brought this harsh reality into sharp, fearful focus, for all but the most blind, the most ignorant, the most arrogant, the most insular of people to see. To those people I say this to you: your Mr McGoo-like myopia is our dystopia in the making!…’

And to those who have either lost their jobs or are at risk of losing their jobs because you are taking a stand against this tyranny, I know what you’re going through. I get this, I truly do. As hinted earlier, for years I worked for the WA public education department. As an internal whistleblower, I fought numerous battles up the food chain to the highest level against the soulless, faceless, heartless, corrupt, morally bankrupt, and capricious bureaucracy. Now’s not the time for a blow by blow. No names, no pack-drill. No chapter and verse.

Suffice to say this: I fought hard against their hypocrisy, the misuse and abuse of power, their bullying, intimidation and their harassment, their arrogance, their double standards, their presumed—yet ultimately inflated—sense of privilege. At first they ignored me. Then they closed ranks. They engaged in gaslighting, false accusation, character assassination. That’s what they do! And when that didn’t work, they eventually brought the power of the Big Machine of the Bureaucracy to bear on my ass and got rid of me.

In the end I never had a chance. In doing so, they took away my right and my ability to earn my living, my livelihood. The cost was considerable. As a contractor, there was no right of appeal. Any legal remedy was out of the question. The cost of pursuing such would’ve only aggravated the situation for me personally and financially. Success, in any event, was far from assured. I moved on. This explains why I so admire greatly people like Craig Backman and Krystle Mitchell, the two former Victorian police officers who resigned rather than slip into what I call the ‘submissive void’.

Why did I go up against the Big Machine? Why didn’t I just go along to get along? Why didn’t I just suck it up, cop it sweet, keep my trap shut! I did for awhile. But that got to me in the end. See, I despise bullies, liars and hypocrites! I detest those who with supreme arrogance misuse and abuse their power and authority. I reserve a special contempt for those in public office who abuse the privileges and the prerogatives we invest in them.

I particularly detest politicians and bureaucrats who wield power over our daily lives in ways imaginable and unimaginable, seen and unseen, blithely evading at every turn both transparency and accountability. Their sense of entitlement knows few bounds.

Where is all this heading? There’s only one end-point to where this can go if we allow it. It will lead to a destination that almost certainly will not be to our liking nor to our individual or collective benefit. To the extent they’ll even have the freedom to reflect on such, it will leave our descendants wondering why we let it get to this point. And despairing—with a mixture of outrage, fear, and anxiety—at our stupidity, our ignorance, [and] our complacency in doing so. That in essence my friends, is the “end-point”. A barren, heartless, lonely, mindless, soul-crushing, passionless, submissive void.

In summing up, there’s a wonderful meme doing the rounds at the moment. Some of you may have seen it. It goes like this: ‘The time will soon come when every single person who has remained silent will be forced to do one of two things. Get loud and resist. Or stay silent and comply.’ Before we can “get loud and resist”, we have to be able to handle the whole truth, and nothin’ but.

Can we handle the truth? Yes! I believe we can handle the truth! We do not have any other choice! The truth once embraced becomes then our sword, our armour, our shield. To be used defiantly against the Big Lie and those who would perpetrate and perpetuate it. Wield it with precision. With conviction. With valour. As if your life depended on it. It does my friends, it really does.

The following is perhaps a fitting coda. An anonymous person posted this on social media recently:

‘For all the ignorance in the world, we are still a curious species. I have no doubt that many who still have a wall of resistance up, know that something doesn’t look/feel right about all this…and they are paying attention. Keep shining the light you beautiful people!’

For some reason I liked that!…

It is said, ‘curiosity killed the cat, [and] information brought him back’. But a bit more of both—“curiosity” and “information”—might also kill the power and the presumed prerogatives of those who are forcing us to take the poison in it! Because if we don’t, there’ll be more poison to follow. Of that we can be sure! These people don’t give up without a fight. In case you haven’t noticed, they fight dirty!

Amen to that truth pilgrims! Amen I say to all that!

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