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OK, I admit I was wrong about the Democratic party

By Steve Kirsch | December 19, 2021

Here are the things I believe in:

  1. Freedom to speak the truth without censorship
  2. Science
  3. Facts
  4. Medical freedom/choice
  5. The Nuremberg Code / informed consent
  6. Allowing the public to hold people accountable
  7. Open discourse and debate to settle differences
  8. Caring for those who the government has injured

The Democrats believe (written from the perspective of the Democratic party):

  1. The truth should be censored if it conflicts with the narrative. It’s totally fine with us if you get deplatformed and/or censored on social media for telling the truth if the truth doesn’t agree with our point of view. It is well established that censorship of the truth is necessary for us to maintain mass formation. Watch this excellent 20 minute After Skool video if you haven’t seen it already. That is why no Democrat has spoken out against the Disinformation Dozen censorship list. RFK Jr. is #2 on that list. Therefore, it follows that censoring people like RFK Jr. should be a national priority and his book never should have been published. We should try to confiscate and destroy all copies of it. Book burning is back. It should be illegal to protest. And you should be thrown in jail if you speak out against the narrative. So sure, you can speak. We’ll put you in jail for 30 years after your speech.
  2. It’s not about science; it is about expert opinion from the authority we are paid to trust. The NIH, FDA, and CDC are the authorities. Democrats support the agencies without question, not what the science or the data says. So for mask wearing, for example, even though there are just 2 randomized trials, both showing masks don’t work, that is not what matters. The CDC will find lower quality studies that support their narrative and that is what we should pay attention to, not the higher quality studies.
  3. Facts don’t matter if they don’t fit the narrative. The fact is that there are hundreds of thousands of people that are vaccine injured in America today. But Facebook removed those groups, so they don’t exist anymore in the mind of Democrats. The Democrats believe what remains (no victims) are what matters. No vaccine injured means no need to meet with them. They don’t exist.
  4. The government gets to determine what you get injected with. If we think it is good for society and want to make you part of an experimental clinical trial, you can say no, but we’ll make it impossible for you to earn a living anywhere. Do what we say. You don’t get to decide what goes into your body. We know best. And we don’t have to produce a cost-benefit analysis showing a net societal benefit. Nobody has seen that because we’ve never produced it. We have the entire population totally captured and their ability to think critically has been disabled.
  5. The Nuremberg Code / informed consent is obsolete. We don’t need informed consent to inject you with a deadly vaccine. That’s so old-fashioned. People should trust the government. The government never makes mistakes. We’d never inject you if it wasn’t good for the drug companies. And despite the liability waiver, we actually don’t want to kill you. That would cut our revenue stream.
  6. Accountability isn’t necessary or desired. Why would you need accountability? If citizens have legitimate issues with government decisions, who cares? They are not in charge. Want to meet with your Representative? Not going to happen. Congressional aids have been instructed not to look at any non-government materials that don’t align with the narrative. The will only trust what the government institutions tell you, nothing else. We tell citizens to pound sand if they don’t like it. Sure, everyone knows that any Democratic chairman could have requested Fauci’s unredacted emails with just a letter to the NIH. Will we ever do that? Are you kidding me? No F@#*%! Way. We do not believe in holding people accountable. We trust Fauci. He’s the expert. After all, he is the creator of the coronavirus. What better authority to be in charge of it? And as for Maddie de Garay the 12-year-old disabled for life in the Pfizer clinical trial? Sure, we know she’s vaccine injured, but to admit that now would destroy the credibility of the FDA. We’ve made sure the press doesn’t cover it. So there is never going to be an investigation of this at the FDA and there is no Democrat who will ever push for an investigation into this clinical trial fraud. We’ve made sure that parents are never going to find out how deadly the vaccines are because they trust us and they are not smart enough to access VAERS.
  7. Open discourse and debate is forbidden. It would expose the corruption of the government institutions. This is why nobody in Congress, the Agencies, or their committees is going to engage in a debate on vaccine safety. Nobody wants the party to end.
  8. We don’t care about vaccine injured because that would blow the narrative. Look, if we admitted the obvious, that there are hundreds of thousands of vaccine injured people, that would be an admission that the vaccines are not safe. So we have to pretend all these injuries are just coincidences. And there cannot be any payouts to victims because doing that would show America that the government acknowledges the vaccines aren’t safe. This is also why no Democrat is ever going to meet with anyone who is vaccine injured: doing so would be a tacit admission that the vaccine injures people. Can’t have that. This is also why no Democrat will meet with the parents of kids and other family members who were killed by the vaccine. Can’t have that.

Am I being too cynical or did I get that right?

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