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Is Israel a ‘Sick Society’?

By Ramzy Baroud | MEMO | December 6, 2021

For whatever reason, some mistakenly perceive the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, as liberal, progressive, and even ‘pro-Palestinian’. Of course, none of this is true. This misconstrued depiction of an essentially Zionist and anti-Palestinian newspaper tells of a much bigger story of how confusing Israeli politics is, and how equally confused many of us are in understanding the Israeli political discourse.

On 28 November, newly-elected Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, stormed the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Palestinian city of Al-Khalil (Hebron) with hundreds of soldiers and many illegal Jewish settlers, including the who’s who of Israel’s extremists.

The scene was reminiscent of a similar occurrence where late Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, had stormed, along with thousands of soldiers and police officers, the Haram Sharif Compound in occupied East Jerusalem in September 2000. It was this particular event that unleashed the second Palestinian uprising, Intifada (2000-05), which led to the killing of thousands.

Herzog’s gesture of solidarity with the Kiryat Arba settlers was identical to Sharon’s earlier gesture, also made to win the approval of Israel’s burgeoning and influential right-wing extremists.

Only a few months ago, Haaretz had described Herzog as a “centrist, soft-spoken, ‘no drama'” person who had, at times, “felt out of place on Israel’s stormy and fractured political battlefield”. According to Haaretz, Herzog “may be exactly what Israel needs.”

But is this really the case? Marvel at some of the statements made by Herzog as he visited a site where twenty-nine Palestinians were massacred by a Kiryat Arba extremist, Baruch Goldstein, and where many more were shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the aftermath of the tragic event. Not only did many Israelis celebrate the memory of Goldstein with a shrine befitting of heroes and saints, but many of Herzog’s companions during the provocative ‘visit’ are ardent followers of the Israeli Jewish terrorist.

“We have to continue dreaming of peace,” Herzog declared while marking the first night of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah inside the Ibrahimi Mosque compound, which was previously emptied of its Muslim worshippers. Proudly, he “condemn(ed) any form of hatred or violence”. Meanwhile, hundreds of Israeli soldiers were terrorising 35,000 inhabitants of the old city of Al-Khalil. These Palestinians, who suffer daily violence at the hands of nearly 800 armed Jewish settlers in Kiryat Arba, along with an equal number of Israeli soldiers, were all locked in. Their shops were closed, their life was put on hold, their walls covered with racist graffiti.

“If he had walked around the corner,” the Israeli news website 972Mag reported referring to the Israeli president, “Herzog might have seen the graffiti on the walls reading ‘gas the Arabs.’

Chances are Herzog already understands – in fact, supports – such racism; after all, he was joined by the likes of Eliyahu Libman, who heads Kiryat Arba regional council, and Hillel Horowitz, the leader of the Jewish settlers of Al-Khalil. It is these two men who preach extremism and violence against the Palestinians as a matter of course. Aside from hosting the Goldstein grave and shrine, the settlement has a park that carries the name of Meir Kahane, the spiritual leader of Israel’s most violent extremists.

In an emotional speech given by Horowitz in the company of Herzog, the settler leader announced that the Israeli president’s violent storming of the Ibrahimi Mosque “reminds us that we did not take the land of foreigners.” He followed with “Your visit here strengthens our mission.”

From Horowitz, Libman, and their ilk’s point of view, their ‘mission’ has been a great success. They have managed to steer Israeli politics almost entirely towards the right. Even the “centrist, soft-spoken” president is now fully embracing their sinister mission.

But will Haaretz acknowledge this reality? That the ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ editorial line they have allegedly championed for many years has completely failed, and purposely so, to depict the truth about Israel?

Compare Haaretz‘s positive portrayal of Herzog with their coverage of the former right-wing Israeli President, Reuven Litvin. The latter, on various occasions, and rightly so, was criticised for his pro-Likud political line and for his divisive role that contributed to an already fragmented Israeli political scene. But when Rivlin, in October 2014, had declared that “Israeli society is sick, and it is our duty to treat this disease,” a Haaretz columnist lashed out suggesting that “Rivlin’s comments are positively bursting with Jew-hatred”.

“First he called Jewish society ‘sick’ – dredging up anti-Semitic tropes about Jews as carriers of cultural and ideological disease. Then he asked whether Jews are ‘decent human beings’: Questioning their humanity itself,” the article argued.

Of course, the sickness of “violence, hostility, bullying, (and) racism”, that Rivlin had then pointed out, is very much real. Other symptoms of this horrible disease also include military occupation, apartheid, and genocidal violence like that frequently meted out against the besieged Gaza Strip.

While this Israeli ‘disease’ is becoming common knowledge globally, with such organisations as Human Rights Watch and many others describing it in the most honest and blunt terms, the vast majority of Israeli society, including their representatives and their ‘soft-spoken’ president, remain blind to it, shielded from the truth by their own hubris, infatuated with their military power and intoxicated by the humiliation and violence to which Palestinians are subjected to, in Al-Khalil, in Gaza, in Jerusalem, and throughout occupied Palestine.

There are no indications that Israeli society, government, and media – ‘liberal’ or right-wing – will, on their own, develop the necessary antibodies that will cure the disease of racism, military occupation, and apartheid. Yes, it will ultimately be the Palestinian resistance that will make the decisive difference of holding Israel accountable. But that can only happen when the international community takes a courageous stance in advocating Palestinian rights and unconditionally supporting the Palestinian quest for freedom.

Whether right-wing, left-wing, or centre, Israel is committed to its military superiority, its racism, and to the military occupation more than ever before. The sooner we accept this fact, and quit subscribing to the illusion that change in Israel will happen from within, the sooner the Palestinian people will finally achieve the justice they need and deserve.

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  1. The answer is yes, very sick! Can you say, psychopaths?


    Comment by papasha408 | December 6, 2021 | Reply

  2. Since the occupation of the West Bank in 1967 there is the looming danger of a Palestinian majority. Every Israeli jew knows this deep inside. Every politician that plays out this fear more aggressively than his opponents will win. That’s why Israel can only move more to the right with every election.

    It took only ten years since then for Likud to become the ruling party. They are the direct descendents of the terrorist gangs.


    Comment by Balthasar Gerards | December 7, 2021 | Reply

    • Bloody goyim! No matter how many of them we kill, there are always more of them afterward than there were before. That glorious vision of a goyimrein Jewish state just seems to recede before us like a mirage.


      Comment by traducteur | December 7, 2021 | Reply

  3. Apartheid, occupied Palestine and its nest of khazar squatting vipers is a poisonous sewer that exists only because of the stranglehold chosenite demons have on Rancho Goyim through Mossad kiddy porn Hollyweird pumping toxic filth into Slumville “living rooms”, tribe presstitutes and Ponzi gangster bean counters and the consummate trash some USSANS still call their “politicians”. The good news is it will not survive the fast approaching “use by date” of the fast evaporting IOU fiat filth Saudi Mercan toilet paper petro$crip dollah. When Washing town’s free lunch is finally over so too is the sickness in Palestine. Then the locals will sort it all out in a matter of years. Will you then want these evil thugs in a ghetto near you?

    The Invention of the Jewish People By Shlomo Sand

    The Thirteenth Tribe Paperback – June 1, 1976

    Click to access 13tribe.pdf


    Comment by planetsheeple | December 7, 2021 | Reply

  4. A “Sick Society”? If so, the government/nation most ‘medicating’ it with foreign aid are as sick, as well as those in it who do not object, as well as all the partisans ‘medicating’ it, the worst being those foreign or with dual citizenship in government and out, those who have succeeded in becoming wealthy, whose self-declared primary objective is dedication to Israel.

    The money they have amassed comes from your society, the society of the government/nation most ‘medicating’ it…

    And include the “institutionalized” entities, such as the Zionist/Jewish heavily controlled, influence of American media, et cetera;

    and include the “institutionalized” entertainment entity, through which a subtle or overt propaganda presents the goyim, and in particular, German history/culture/people as evil, et cetera;

    and include the “institutionalized” propaganda and its offspring which now has been worked into government laws to profess the unquestionable dictates of how to or not to impose upon the goyim what to study, what to believe and how to think about all things jewish.

    The result? Conquest. Count the ways…

    How long will you be in this control, America? Count the ways it deprives you, directs you, dupes you and makes you a willing slave.


    Comment by michael | December 7, 2021 | Reply

  5. GOOGLE: Gentiles in Halacha.
    GOOGLE: John 8:43-47
    GOOGLE: From Yahweh to Zion by Laurent Guyenot.

    When you have Googled these three subjects, then you will understand what the Jew is.

    Then you are ready to GOOGLE: A REAL CASE AGAINST THE JEWS by Marcus Eli Ravage, January 1928.
    Without Christianity, Jews would have disappeared 2000 years ago.
    But just like a crap, it leaves one shell for a bigger, better one.
    By means of adapting to other religions, it acts like a parasite and takes over.
    Study Deuteronomy 7:1-26 & realize that every Jew has this mindset!
    Their genocidal “god” was created in THEIR image!


    Comment by Pip | December 7, 2021 | Reply

    • Israel openly works against U.S. interests. they steal intelligence and deny it constantly. They take the weapons such as the fighter jets the Americans give them, reverse engineer the product, make a few modifications and sell the technology to China. With friends like these, who needs enemies?


      Comment by papasha408 | December 7, 2021 | Reply

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